Top 10 Sites Like ‘123movies’

Stuck up in holidays and do not know want to do? Stop the messy things and join us for lots of fun. There are lots of things available on the internet nowadays. But do you have an idea how far those things are winning the users heart?

The website should be designed in such a way that it should satisfy all its users, it should provide new versions and new features a well to optimize the website from time to time. Here there is a website named 123Movies which have million users once an ago.

Due to some reports and migration of users to other websites it had lost all its popularity. One of the reasons the website is redirecting to malicious websites and also hacking of personal information of the users had made the situation very risky.


The following are the alternatives to the website that provide the best experience to watch movies and other shows. Firstly one should know what is 123Movies:

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What Is 123 Movies?

123Movies is a movie platform where you can many streaming movies and TV shows for free. It possesses many genres and provides daily updates to the user. It provides daily updates to its users in twitter, Facebook to the users who follow it.

Due to users negative reports, it is banned in some areas. So we are introducing many alternatives for 123Movies:

Is 123Movies Legal And Safe?

Recent reports claimed that the 123Movies website has lost all its popularity due to its response time and redirecting it to malicious websites that contain illegal content has proved that 123Movies is not legal and safe to use.

It has hacked all the user’s information where it also got a situation of ban in some areas. Therefore it is clear to say that the 123Movies website is not legal and safe.

123Movies Mirror

Here there are some of the 123movies mirror lists which gives the detailed status of the website.

123MOVIES MIRROR SITES STATUS SPEED online Very fast online Very fast online Very fast online Very fast online Very fast

Best 123Movies Alternatives

The following are the alternatives of 123Movies. These are more better than 123Movies and have extra benefits than 123Movies. They are:

1. Putlocker

Putlocker refers to various online hosting website where all users can watch their favorite movies with premium HD quality. It has increased millions of users within 3 years of time.

Therefore it is clear to say that the website is completely safe and it satisfies all its users. Some times due to external links it is risky to users privacy and safety. The following are the features of Put locker. They are:


  • If the user wants to have unlimited access with supreme quality that too for free Putlocker is much useful.
  • It has a classic, vintage as well as newly released movie for a year or some months back.
  • It has a clear homepage and excellent navigation features and a user-friendly interface and a platform that is compatible.
  • It has a vast library and huge database where users can download movies without any limit for free.

2. Vumoo

Vumoo is an online streaming website to watch movies online and download movies for free. It provides animation, adventure, action, romantic, fantasy, horror, science fiction, and many more for free.

It provides free unlimited movies for free without any registration. It also provides premium HD quality for free. The following are the features of vumoo. They are:


  • Vumoo is compatible with many operating systems like android, IOS, windows, and Linux as well.
  • Vumoo is discontinued and flagged as potentially breaking copy-right or breaking out of other laws.
  • It provides streamings shows and movies to every region and is applicable in many languages as well, in addition, it has removed fake survey pages to its users.
  • It has web services of scalable cloud computing series with large database systems for unlimited downloads, also it has ultimate fetching features for the users.

3. Go Stream

Go stream is a part of Vietnam where a huge network of all the streaming downloads can be watched online and unlimited downloading is done for free. The main aim of Go stream is to give the users the ultimate HD quality movies with no pop-up ads and buffering.

The team of Go stream always strives to make the website add-free and access only in a legal manner. The following are the features of the Go stream. They are:


  • It provides statistics in various categories of genres, casts, titles, reviews and many more and provides short descriptions of those.
  • Motion pictures are the special feature of the website which gives an idea about the film or a show.
  • But unluckily, the rank of Go stream has decreased very more due to high rate piracy and illegal contents.
  • It provides a digital platform of all recent releases and TV shows which are available on the websites for free.

4. Yesmovies

YesMovies are the best source of online movie platform where you can find unlimited downloads for free. The first website that has been uploaded with much more Hindi contents.

The later updates are followed by other languages as well. So the updated version of Yes movies consists of any type of media content. But before using the website users should know that the website is illegal: The following are the features of Yes movies. They are:


  • As it is extending its domains, yes movies are still working smoothly though it is an illegal website and containing lots of piracy.
  • The website is a pirated website that changes its domain to runs its website on the internet so that the user is always intact.
  • The different organized categories of the yes movies website are helping users to download movies systematically
  • The key goal is to categorize information is to provide the customer with a proper set of facilities to use the website.

5. Fmovies

Fmovies is referred to be a website that is used to watch streaming online HD movies without downloading. A recently updated website has started to upload movies in many different languages.

The popularity of Fmovies has disappeared due to its piracy and illegal torrents. The following are the features of Fmovies. They are:


  • The website has launched early on the market and has achieved the attention of every user in less time.
  • The website shows all the u[pdated lists into categorized list in HD quality, blueray, and other resolutions.
  • The navigation is quite straight forward and quite comfortable.
  • The interface of the website is user-friendly and featured and improved navigation.

6. Solarmovie

Solarmovie is a website that allows you to watch online free without any payment. Developers of this website have made it easy for its users to watch and download movies. Some of the ISP’s have banned the SolarMovi website due to its piracy and illegal content.

The following are the features of SolarMovies. They are:


  • It provides the facility to test the speed of the streaming provider. It also provides a speed index for its ISP’s.
  • It provides good quality with all varieties of movies like comedy, drama, action, etc that are available for free.
  • The website is made available in many countries like India, the united kingdom, Thailand, Hong Kong, Korea, and, France.
  • It allows the list of organizing into different genres and release dates.

7. Gomovies

Go movies is an illegal torrent website which makes user to download movies illegally. Go movies website is an act of legal content of the global film and TV community for a long time. Go movies website has an endless list of films, shows that are available for free. The following are the features of Go movies. They are:


  • The website tends the user to view the content online through various streaming points for free.
  • The website section provides the netizens to view and download Hollywood and Bollywood films without any charges.
  • The website is completely responsible for providing users with easy access to download pirated videos for free across the globe.
  • The site has an easy listing of movies and the user can browse through different genres as well in the website for free

8. Watch free

Watch free website is one of the easiest and finer user-interface to watch movies online and to download for free. It also offers a great range of quality such as 60p, 720p, and 1080p. it also provides accessibility to watch shows in all languages in all regions just on a single platform.

Watch free website has expanded its popularity over the past 5 years. The following are the features of Watch Free website. They are:


  • The websites operate pop-up advertisements because these advertisements are the key source of revenue for them.
  • Watch free website has split the site into many categories to make it readily available to all users for free.
  • The website has sorted lists into different genres to make the films readily available to the visitors.
  • Different types of movies can be watched from the website with no buffering and premium HD qualities.

9. Popcorn flix

Popcorn flix is used to watch online streaming movies and also have an option of unlimited downloads for free. It has various categories of genres, lists of recently released movies, and classics.

It always strives to provide ultimate quality to its users every time. It is provided in the google play store to download an application for free. The following are the features of the website. They are:


  • Popcornflix website services free-add supported streaming video of feature-length movies and web episodes also.
  • It is a free of demand streaming service that offers movies and TV episodes without any hassles.
  • New films are added daily and there are a lot of genres including comedy, romance, action, and many more.
  • It is capable of downloading up to 700 movies instantly on the website fo free without any limit.

10. Primewire

Primewire website allows internet visitors to search, contribute and share news, data, reviews, scenes, subtitles, and trailers about movies and TV shows for free. The website is offering free movies and TV shows online.

It does not store any video streaming files on its server. All the website links are provided by external third parties. The following are the features of Primewire. They are:


  • The website is relatively easy to navigate and find the user’s favorite movies and TV shows among the endless data options.
  • Primewire has a huge database where unlimited downloads are available to download in a fraction of seconds.
  • Primewire mainly consists of three high video resolutions namely 360p. 720p, 1080p and by default it is 1080p.
  • All the contents are watchable onsite making the user experience better.

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Thereby above illustrated are the alternatives of 123movies which provide better online streamings with high premium qualities for free. The websites are highly navigated and have a user-friendly interface.

The websites are compatible with all platforms and have a compatible operating system. It is suggested to use VPN and other anti-software tools just to get rid of malware and illegal contents that may damage user’s devices.

The external links of third party intruders may have a chance of redirecting the website to piracy websites. So by installing anti-virus software users can solve this issue easily.

Therefore it is suggested to use websites without exposing any private data to the intruders. Despite all these disadvantages 123movies alternatives that are mentioned above provide huge entertainment and discover new things.