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net worth
net worth

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2 Chainz Net Worth

He’s a rapper, composer and media personality who also happens to be a professional basketball player. 2 Chainz is only a stage moniker he employs in his professional life, not his real identity.

The only way to find out his real name is for us to tell you. You may not have known this about him previously, and that is why we’re here to fill you in.

It’s Tauheed k. Epps, in real life. Rapping and songwriting have made him a household name. That’s why we’re here today talking about him, after all.

Obviously, 2 Chainz has a large fortune. Tell me you didn’t see this coming. He has a fortune of $9 million. That’s correct, you did read that correctly.

It’s a lot of money for a rapper to have, but here we are. He has a large following among the younger generation, and his music is well acclaimed and admired. To put it another way, he has the biggest net worth of any American rapper or singer, whichever term you like.

2 Chainz Beginning

On September 12, 1997, he was born. He has reached the age of 43. Don’t worry, we know you didn’t want to perform the calculations, so we did it for you.

College park, Georgia, is where he was born. The North Clayton High School is where he attended and graduated from. For his basketball squad, he’s a household name. He was also an excellent student, finishing second in his graduating class.

After going to a terrible crowd in high school, he was arrested for possessing cocaine, which he later resigned himself to.

2 Chainz Athlete’s Career in College Basketball

2 Chainz later went on to study at Alabama State University. In addition to playing basketball, he received a scholarship to attend the university.

In addition to his basketball prowess, he is well-known for his academic prowess. His time there, from 1995 to 1997, was a success for the team.

That’s correct, he also completed his education at university. Because of an event in high school, he was the subject of numerous rumours on Wikipedia, but he refused to believe any of them. In addition, we believe that it’s unnecessary to relive the past.

2 Chainz Life in the Private Sector

He is the father of two daughters bearing his surname. Heaven and harmony were the names he had given them. It’s nice to see names like that. But on October 14, 2015, he became a father for the first time. He called him Halo this time around.

You may say that he has a solid understanding of what names to give his kids. They’re all stunning young people. She can count on him being a steadfast companion.

His relationship with her has been going on for a while now. It is Kesha Ward who goes by that name. On August 18, 2018, he and she exchanged vows.

2 Chainz (Career)

That he is extremely successful in his work and other endeavours is a given. His first break in the music industry came as a member of the hip hop trio Playaz Circle from the Deep South.

In addition to Dolla Boy, whom you may have heard of, he was accompanied by his longtime friend and fellow rapper. “Duffle Bag Boy” is the band’s best-known song.

His first solo album was released in 2012. In the same year, he released his first studio album, Based on a T.R.U. The tale. After that, he released his follow-up album, titled B.O.A.T.S. II: Me Time. Up to this point, he’s been responsible for several top-ten hits.

2 Chainz announced on social media on January 6th, 2015 that he is launching his own record label, the real university. They have a large number of contributors. T. R. U. was the label’s other moniker. Perhaps you’ve heard of it by its more well-known name, The Real U.S.

Along with Young Monkey, Cap.1 & Skooly were also signed. A first mixtape was also published at the same time as this announcement. A lot of folks and admirers were eagerly anticipating it.


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