7 Best Alternatives to Afdah For Watching Movies Online

During this period our schedule has shifted, been boring and hectic, often stuck at work. We all really need some time to relax and relieve ourselves. Having the urge to watch a movie at its earliest! Do not have a Netflix account! Having a FOMO! Do not worry, with good internet connectivity, and smart devices in hand you can easily browse for your favorite movies and shows in the various websites available. So be ready with your favorite snacks and drink, to binge-watch free movies and shows from the comfort of your home.

Alternatives to Afdah for Watching Movies Online

What is Afdah?

Afdah being one of the most popular, free online streaming sites provides movies in HD quality. It has a friendly user interface, and basically all the essential features one looks for in a movie watching site. While playing a video it does not have any lagging issues and loads quite fast.

It has quite a diverse collection, besides Hollywood and Bollywood it also has Spanish, Japanese, and many more. You can search for a particular movie or shows based on the genre you like, can search for short documentaries, and many more. You can browse according to a particular language, year, or country.

7 Best Alternatives to Afdah For Watching Movies Online

The only problem that Afdah faces like many other sites is, in many nations, Afdah is blocked. So a secure VPN service is a must. This arises the need for alternative sites. So below in this post, we have mentioned some of the best alternative options available.

1. YesMovies

It is an online free streaming platform, which elevates the viewing experience to a whole new level. To enjoy the access to the massive database it has, one need not register themselves or provide any other information related to themselves. One unique feature it has for all movie lovers is, the movies available are based on the IMDb ratings, movies based on country.

It keeps on updating the site with new movies, shows, and documentaries. The well-designed friendly user interface helps you to search for movies, TV shows easily according to your preference by applying filters. One limitation it has, you get redirected to another page, while clicking on the movie tab.

2. GOMovies

GOMovies is one of the most popular websites for free streaming of the new release films. It is not only similar to 123movies but also easy to use which makes it more prominent. Not only Hollywood movies but Bollywood as well can be downloaded or streamed online at best quality, free of charge.

This provides you with a browser where you can pick the genre you want, choose, the year of publication, language subtitles, and many others that are completely cost-free. When you click on a particular movie tab it provides you with the synopsis of the movies, its release year, on cast name of the people, and other details, to enhance your experience.

Though its services might be banned in some countries according to laws and regulations of the particular region. It has some drawbacks as well, the latest release movie is available at poor quality and presets with a lot of advertisements while playing the video.

3. Movie ZAP

Movie Zap, previously known as ‘Movierocks’, focuses on delivering high-quality, latest videos to its users for free of cost. With the help of a friendly interface, you can search for your favorite movies quickly by selecting from the different genre options like action, drama, romance, and others.

Full-length movies are available. The website provides the latest films in the finest quality resolutions, along with HD thumbnails to enrich your experience. The list of shows and movies are organized quite well. You can continue to watch without registering yourself, but in order to enjoy extra benefits, you need to register yourself. While clicking on the play tab for a movie or a TV show, you are often redirected to a third party and there are lots of pop-up advertisements.

4. Los Movies

Los Movies enables you to watch movies, shows, and documentaries in high-quality. It is divided into numerous sections, where you can search for the latest release easily, according to the top IMDb rating category or any other very quickly, without wasting much of your time. The list is endless, which gets updated on regular basis.

You can filter your favorite movies by years, actors from specific countries, which makes your search easier. The platform provides with subtitled videos, and it is also a perfect tool for language learners who want to extend their horizons with genuine content. There are also foreign languages, including Japanese, Malay, Hebrew, and Nauru. One disadvantage is, though on the home page a lot of advertisements do not appear while playing videos a lot of pop-up advertisements appears.

5. Film Club

It is a new website, with a streamlined design to provide streaming of free movies, shows, and documentaries online. Film Club contains a wide collection of films with innovative user interfaces. It is classified in its own genre, year, country, and many more. You could either watch the trailer or start watching the movie when you press the movie tab. The most desirable aspect this platform provides is that new films appear fairly quickly on the site.

Those new movies are soon available to stream that too in Full HD, which is the best part. It offers you special feature filters like genre, year of release to make your search faster and better. The only limitation it faces is advertisement one with the theoretical analysis extension, which takes a considerable amount of time to close. Given its flexibility of use, this platform brings you through a lot of pop-ups and on-click redirection advertisements before the actual movie begins.

6. Bob Movies

Last but not least Bob movies are seen as one of the best websites, for downloading free and high-quality films and shows with just a simple click. Even if you have a poor internet connection, it has got you covered, you can still stream movies. A great number of films and TV shows are listed on the website, which is classified by release date or alphabetically or genre-based.

The friendly user interface, boost the search, and provide a better experience to its users. What makes its difference from other websites is, besides showing free movies, TV shows, and documentaries it also promotes songs, local web series, and other programs as well. One can select the different quality options available and explore the different content, according to their mood, even when they cannot decide for themselves what they should watch.

7. Look Movie

Lastly, similar to many other sites, .Look Movie provides its users with free online streaming HD movies and TV shows. It does not require any registration to access its free services. It has a very friendly user interface. You can filter movies based on the most recent releases, genres, categories, and many more. You can search for a specific movie you want, from the upper right side at the search bar.

When you click on the particular movie tab, it provides you with a small movie description, its release year, language, about the actor, actress, and many others. It gives you the option to watch the trailer as well if you want to. Like the rest of the similar sites, you can choose a movie according to your preference. The only drawback it has is, there are a lot of pop-up advertisements, which interfere while playing movies or TV shows which spoils your entire mood.

The above-mentioned sites are alternative to Afdah which gives you a similar experience. All the important core features one looks for in a site is mentioned. You can always try exploring some other sites as well, besides the above mentioned.

You can select the desired site and enjoy the unique features that each site has to offer you for a fun experience. Some sites might not be available temporarily, due to the pirated content. You should be attentive to the pop up messages that appear as some of it contains malicious code, which is not safe at all. One wrong click can lead you to danger.


We understand the problem and the uneasiness that you face while searching for your favorite movies to watch online. We are here to abridge these gap and provide you solutions by some related articles in the best simplest form possible and any other needs which are barricading you from the comfort zone.

Ensuring that you get all the possible information without facing any hurdles. If there are any other solutions available besides the above mentioned, or there are any other tech-related queries, do let us know in the comments below.

Happy binge watching!