9 Best Alternatives To ‘Anilinkz’

The anime culture is one of the most renowned, widespread, and trending cultures in contemporary times. Anime is for people of almost all ages and can fall under various genres such as drama, comedy, romance, or action.

Further, there is also plenty of interesting stuff in store for everyone. Although you may be accustomed to watching live-action movies and television programs, creating anime takes hard work and talent.

There are plenty of powerful battle scenes, detailed characters, and healthy backgrounds to create. All art styles are different, so you can watch twelve shows and never see a character painted the same way twice.

Anime is full of interesting tales that will captivate you and keep you hooked up. Anime characters are made to capture and mesmerize most of the viewers. Some even create strong feelings for the characters, something that is common not only in the anime world but in any other area of lifelike music and books.

Action, power, challenges, humor, psychological drama, romance, and events outside of reality have a tendency to attract attention. It would be strange if some people were not addicted.


However, many anime lovers in their day-to-day lives, face a lot of hardships finding a reliable website to stream their favorite anime series, mainly due to the large ISP restrictions and sites being blocked.

Anilinkz was one of such platforms, but because it leaves search engines frequently. We have to resort to other search engines to boost our experience and keep us updated with all the latest episodes.

In this article, we will discuss Anilinkz’s best practices and websites, highlighting its key features, pros, cons, and more.

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What Is Anilinkz? 

Among the many anime streaming websites from the Internet, there is a tendency to include them all in a wide library that can be browsed and viewed easily. Anilinkz did just that and exceeded the expectations of many, unlike other incomplete anime streaming websites.

Anilinkz allows users to access a variety of genres, be informed about what each anime is about, and watch a different series ranging from a small series that contains only a few episodes to the main characters with hundreds of episodes.

It also offers various features such as enabling users to search and explore different categories through a search bar where you are required to enter a series name.

One of the most amazing and highly acknowledged things about this platform is that it introduces the latest cartoons that you can enjoy with your popcorn and snacks. Anilinkz also includes key features such as a large database, regular updates on new features, an easy-to-use interface, multiple categories, and much more.

To everyone’s dismal, Anilinkz has now shifted to aniwatchers.com, making it not accessible to all those who enjoyed streaming anime on this platform. That said, we have enlisted several websites where you can watch free anime content. Be sure to check all these websites!

9 Best Alternatives To Anilinkz

1. Anime Simple

Anime Simple is the perfect platform for streaming anime online! You can search the title of your favorite anime and watch all its recent episodes as well which are uploaded from time to time.


It runs free of cost and won’t require you to make any sort of user account for streaming anime online. It also allows both bright and dark themes, which makes it a user-friendly interface.


It is overloaded with a lot of ads which may be inappropriate at times.

2. Anime Take

Anime Take is the most suitable place for hardcore anime lovers as it offers animes of diverse genres which can be sorted on the basis of popularity and viewer ratings. The platform works in a way that the user can select a genre and search by tags. You can find the anime by liking, rating, date of upload, and much more.


Its interface is very user-friendly as it has many filtering options and the video quality is also highly commendable.


It consists of older animes than the latest ones and is full of pop-up ads.

3. Anime Lab

AnimeLab is an absolutely free and legal website for avid anime viewers. With a very user-friendly interface, Anime Lab allows users to easily search their favorite animes in seconds and watch them uninterrupted.

Its design is also maximized for various types of smartphone devices, so you need not worry if you don’t have a smartphone or tab. Content is constantly updated with the latest episodes as they come out.


It provides amazing video quality with both subtitled and dubbed options. Moreover, unlike many other anime websites, it doesn’t show any pop-up ads.


It is available only to Australian and Kiwi users.

4. Nyaa

Nyaa is like a massive anime library, with the latest episodes of animes being uploaded on a daily basis. Its interface also allows users to contribute to the library by uploading anime content.

Moreover, you can change or modify the model to make it darker or a bit intense. If you are either a laptop or smartphone user, this change can greatly help your battery.


It consists of a variety of anime episodes and titles which the users can watch without registering for an account.


It has many animes from Kanji which are completely untranslated.Furthermore, it displays a lot of pop up ads from time to time

5. Horrible Subs

HorribleSubs isn’t “horrible” as its name suggests. In fact, it offers original anime content, with appropriate dubs and subs. Moreover, it offers users a versatile collection of animes to choose from, which can be watched up to the maximum resolution of 1080p.


It has a comment forum that paves the way for fruitful discussions and feedbacks. Furthermore, it doesn’t display many pop-up ads.


It does have content that isn’t completely legal.

6. KissAnime

KissAnime is by far the best anime streaming platform which not only has a large community but also many unique features such as intuitive navigation, a committed forum for chatting and discussions, provision for reading mangas, and many more.


It is absolutely a free platform and the video quality is highly noteworthy. It also provides a detailed synopsis of every anime and doesn’t require any user registration.


It displays a lot of unwanted ads and requires checking the captcha very often before watching certain animes.

7. AnimeFreak

For all the dedicated anime watchers, Anime Freak is a splendid alternative platform to Anilinkz. It not only has a comprehensive and evolving anime library but also a collection of anime trailers, visual novels, and manga. You can easily classify your favorite anime content on AnimeFreak, on the basis of genre, popularity, date of release, and more.


It offers a range of animes and mangas belonging to diverse genres and also provides excellent video quality to the users.


It has too many ads along with constant video buffering.

8. AnimeLand 

If you have a strong preference for watching dubbed versions of popular animes, Anime Land is just the best destination for you.All-time favorite classics- Dragon Ball Z, Naruto, Pokemon, Death Note, and various others are available on this website.


The content available is free, has a strong video quality, and most importantly doesn’t need any registration for watching.


It hosts a lot of inappropriate ads which may be triggering.

9. Masterani

Masterani is a popular, user-friendly, and standardized website where you can browse your favorite anime series as well as movies. The platform provides both sub and dub options to the users to choose from.


It mostly offers videos at 1080p quality with both sub and dub options available.


It displays a lot of pop up ads and requires the use of Adobe Flash Player in order to stream Animes.

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If you are using an anime streaming website with a shaded file background, be sure to use a VPN to avoid legal interference. This article does not endorse the viewing or distribution of firearms content and is intended for informational purposes only.

Has anime influenced your country in any way? If so, in what way? Have you ever attended any anime-related meetings; either in your own country or abroad? What was that experience like?

Please share your experience with anime culture and the impact it has on you or your country in the comments section. Also what website have you been using since Anilinkz moved? Let us know your feedback or review of the best website you found from the extensive list mentioned above.