9 Best Anime Streaming Sites to Watch Anime Online Free

Whether a person is of any age, he/she always loves to watch and enjoy anime shows. It is the most popular searched content around the world. Mostly, they are not free and are very costly to watch it. Don’t worry, we have got you covered with some of the Kickass sites that offer the user to watch and enjoy Anime shows for free. These are the 9 best Anime streaming sites that offer the best and quality anime the user needs.

Best Anime Streaming Sites to Watch Anime Online Free

Use A VPN for Watching Anime Online

But before that, everyone must know that online streaming of any show or events is somewhat illegal and are not safe, there may be potential threats to your device, and it can damage your gigs, so always a VPN service should be used before accessing these types of things online. It ensures full security and privacy over the internet and prevents data leakage of Websites.

9 Best Anime Streaming Sites to Watch Anime Online Free

Continuing, Here are the best sites for streaming anime to watch online.

1. Netflix

Well!Well. All around the world, this service is used, and it’s famous for the series that it has given in a few years in India. It has a wide range of animations series and movies. However, this service is not free. It is considered as one of the best streaming sites all over the world. It has the best of the best UI, which separates genres of entertainment in different categories. When one becomes a premium member of Netflix, no other service is best in front of it.

2. Hulu

Hulu is a premium website and is awesome for series and anime lovers, but again, it is not free; a paid package has to be purchased before enjoying the service. It contains movies, animes, and it’s originals, which is worth buying it. The service also is available on the phone as an app, but this is not available in all countries. The membership fee is just normal to $7.99/month.

3. KissAnime

It is to be considered as one of the best sites for online anime viewing. It contains a vast database of all anime, which are new as well as old. Dubbed in English, which makes it easier for all viewers to watch it.

The best part of this service is watching and enjoying the streams without creating an account or taking any premium membership, which means it is free. There is a save later option which can be used to view all the episodes you decided to watch later.

4. Tubi TV

With its dark-themed UI and latest interface, the site is famous for its free and quality anime content, which are dubbed and subbed. But, it has limited anime other than any site. It may be a chance that you don’t find your favorite anime. However, the shows which it has will be liked by you.

5. Crunchyroll

This website has lots and lots of episodes of anime to watch and is free without any premium membership, and the best thing is that this is a legitimate website that ensures all safety and privacy while viewing the content.

The worst part is that the ad breaks come more often, and quality is just 480p, which should not confuse much. One of the loved anime Naruto is available, free to watch with almost no lags in the server.

6. JustDubs

The name itself tells that this site should have dubbed anime, which is free to watch, and yeah, it also has the downloading feature. It has different genres, like horror, drama, comedy, action, etc.

7. Yahoo View

Yahoo View is developed by Yahoo, making it all the more original, legal, and secure site to watch anime of every genre with HD quality and premium content. The main advantage of this site is that it’s free from all the ads on the internet. It has series like Attack on Titan and Cowboy Bebop.

 8. Viewster

This is also another fantastic site that offers anime series and movies for free, which means no premium membership is needed. This site is, however, famous for providing non-anime movies.

It has a big database of anime content, but it’s a bit old, according to the time being. It has no ads and offers subtitles in English for almost every episode. This website also has a mobile app, and beginners can use this service with ease. It also has a collection of anime from different countries.

9. Crackle

This site is Owned by Sony INC with almost similar UI. It has many excellent and great content for anime lovers. The series can be less, but all the videos have the best quality without any advertisement in between. They also offer non-anime movies and tv shows for free. If it has an advantage, it will have disadvantages, and it is that it’s not available in all the countries.


There may be many other Anime streaming sites for free streaming in different parts of the world, but yeah, it doesn’t need to be legal or free. The big authorities usually delete many sites because it doesn’t have a specific license and they don’t follow the rules and regulations given by them.

However, many sites provide its contents for free and are available for all the people worldwide, and these are legal and safe and are approved by the authority.

So, the Anime Streaming websites on the list were some of the free and paid websites that are perfect and suitable for people who love to watch anime, so check them out. As they are free and paid so if one wants to enjoy these services to the fullest can go for the premium membership, which is surely worth it. The choice fully depends on the one who uses it.

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