12 Best Alternative AnimeHeaven

AnimeHeaven is the most-liked and promising platform for all anime lovers out there. Anime heaven is a site consist of anime characters of all kinds and genres which includes:

Magic, martial arts, comedy, horror, demons, drama, mystery, music, vampire, thriller, sports are just the name of a few. It interestingly covers all the versatile horizons of your liking.

Anime heaven like all other sites exits on the same platforms does not take wholesome responsibility for its content as it uses a third party to host the show.So, it becomes a herculean task for the views to search for the legit content legally provided for the same purpose.


But no worries! Here I’m making this searching part easy for you so, kindly look at the content carefully. Sharing before you some really catchy alternatives to AnimeHeaven.

12 Best Alternative AnimeHeaven

1. AnimeUltima

AnimeUltima is a promising website known for steaming anime totally free of cost.The website offers some really cool experiences to its viewers and with appreciatingly cool features.The website tends to offer spectacular limitless streaming of anime containing surplus genres includes all sorts of classic and popular Japanese series of anime.

And an amazing feature it offers is this site does not ask you to sign in and out or to register yourself in order to use it.Hence, it is very handy and hustles free to use. It has all featured anime like Naruto, Dragon Ball, One Piece Chapters, etc.

AnimeUltima is a handy-to-use site for anyone whether a beginner or a pro.It has many interesting features to look forward to.It has cast in English dubbed subtitles as well.

2. Animelab

Here’s another platform that offers a lot of promising content for the fond of anime lovers.It sounds amazing when you look for a site that not only offers you free content of your liking but it also has a legit ground to stand by.

Yes, this does the same.Watch an amazing stream of anime hits and interesting fast track shows casts from Japan itself and that too in full HD quality.It has a lot to offers like fast-tracked shows, freshly casted and directed episodes are just the name of a few.

Though this site is exclusive to the countries name New Zealand and Australia.But since we have VPN service in our footsteps we just have no need to worry.On it and happy streaming.

3. Hulu

Hulu is the platform that comes with a versatile variety of anime episodes thought not all episodes it offers are complete but it has some amazing content one must binge.It has shows where some are dubbed in English while others are in Japanese.

It offers many versatile genres which include drama, fantasy, mystery are just the name of a few.Some best series that Hulu offers are;

  • Toradoea
  • K-On
  • My hero Academia
  • Food wars
  • Your Lie In April
  • Black cover etc.

4. Animeland

Anime land is among the decent and legit sites to look in and so the cool alternative to visiting for your favorite show anime. It offers you multiple ways to binge your show and a handy or convenient way at the same time.

It has many more interesting categories to offer like magazines, chronicles, records, and many more.The main and amazing feature of this site is it allows you to do the unlimited serving.And that too is totally free of cost.

5. KissAnime

Another browsing site for which lands you in your favorite destination,where you are fortunate to browse your loved anime online and that’s too absolutely free of cost.It offers you premium quality of streaming and that too in premium quality that is HD quality binging.

Kiss Anime is a very handy site for all the lovers of anime out there as it allows you to watch on any device up to your comfort zone.It is a very similar-looking site for you may be.As you probably came across its twining sites as well named kissAsian and the other one is KissCarton.

While on the other hand, this site is a replica of new innovative thinking so, by past experience of the aforesaid sites it could be easily predicted that it is among the best browsing app on the web.But the thing to keep in mind while browsing this well popular site is it does not allows you to store any files while it is online i.e. when it works under the server.

6. 9Anime

9 anime is the world of anime series that offers you the best content at the best price i.e. absolutely no price at all.The sites contain all kinds of available genres of anime

And there is a very cool feature it has to offer, like quick filters so that you can save your time browsing the content again and again when you go to the browser to search.So, you can now choose your preference list as per your desire.

7. AnimeVibe

Animevibe is an outstanding site for streaming online and to thrive to your favorite show without even asking you about a single penny.It has more than a thousand shows, and that too is absolutely free.

Also, there is a hustle-free environment in there as it does not display ads very often.Hence it is both handy and convenient to browse on the site.So, certainly among the favorite and well-known platforms for anime lovers out there.

8. GoGoAnime

GoGoAnime is a must-visit if you are truly a fantastic lover of anime.This site offers you vast domains of your favorite anime show, and fortunately, all are the popular ones on the site.And the one thing which I am sure would be liked by everyone out there is that it is a very organized site all the shows are assembled in an alphabet manner.

On the home page, you will get to see various tablets by which you can choose to give a watch to your desired show.This site is highly preferable by the ones who love watching anime with good quality.

9. Crunchyroll

Crunchyroll is undoubtedly an excellent platform that tends to offer you very fine content. But it is quite different on the note that it does not allow you to serve a decent for free.Yes, it is excellent but paid in the sense that it becomes excellent only when you have taken its subscription. It does come among the finest website for anime watchers.

As it also provides you with the subtitle dubbed in English hence, it becomes so easier for the non-native speaker to understand it in an easier way and allow them to enjoy the show in a good manner.At the same time, shows on this site could be translated not only in English but in many other languages as French, Portuguese, Italian, and many more.

Also as it offers you among the finest quality video content with the quality of 720p.Also, there are times when we want our favorite show to be saved so that we can enjoy it later on while traveling or performing other activates. So, congrats, you have landed in the best place as Crunchyroll does allow you to do so also.


The aforesaid are the sites that have the competence to prove to you among the finest alternatives to your dearest show AnimeHeaven. And cherry to the cake is they can be enjoyed for free and with HD quality.