7 Best Free ‘Audio Editing Software’ in 2024 for PC and Mac

A piece of good music can be soothing, a creative podcast can be engaging. Fruity voice and rejuvenating music aren’t the only reasons behind productive work, efficient audio software grades up the whole quality and process.

It is essential for the audio editor to choose the best audio editing software catering to his/her needs. In this article, we have filtered out the best Free Audio Editing Software.Best Free Audio Editing Software for PC and Mac

Understanding Audio Editing Software

Audio editing software, also known as digital audio workstations (DAWs), are versatile tools designed to record, edit, mix, and manipulate audio files with precision and flexibility.

From simple waveform editing to complex multi-track production, audio editing software empowers users to unleash their creativity and achieve professional results in a variety of audio-related endeavors.

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Key Features of Audio Editing Software

  1. Multitrack Editing: Most audio editing software allows users to work with multiple tracks simultaneously, making it easy to arrange and mix different elements of a project, such as vocals, instruments, and effects.
  2. Waveform Visualization: Advanced waveform visualization tools provide users with a visual representation of audio data, enabling precise editing, trimming, and manipulation of audio segments.
  3. Audio Effects and Plugins: Audio editing software often comes bundled with a wide range of built-in audio effects, including EQ, compression, reverb, delay, and more. Additionally, users can expand their toolkit by installing third-party plugins and virtual instruments to enhance creativity and achieve desired sonic textures.
  4. Automation: Automation features allow users to dynamically adjust parameters such as volume, panning, and effect settings over time, adding depth and movement to audio productions.
  5. Time Stretching and Pitch Shifting: Time stretching and pitch shifting capabilities enable users to alter the tempo and pitch of audio recordings without affecting their overall quality, making it easy to sync audio to video, correct pitch errors, or create unique effects.
  6. MIDI Integration: Many audio editing software programs offer MIDI integration, allowing users to compose, edit, and manipulate MIDI data alongside audio tracks, expanding creative possibilities for music production and composition.
  7. Collaboration Tools: Some audio editing software platforms include collaboration features that enable users to share projects, collaborate in real-time, and provide feedback, facilitating remote collaboration and teamwork.

Top 7 Best Free Audio Editing Software

1. HYA-WAVE – Best Basic Online Audio Editor

HYA-WAVE is a simple and structured audio editor that suits best for recording and editing short audio clips in the web browser. The audio clips can be imported into the editor and can be recorded, the wide range of effects available in the editor can boost up your audio.

The web editor is the best choice to edit and compress quick voices. You don’t have the task of filling up sign up details, just type in your address and start editing. The best alternative to traditional software and a treat for the sample and short simple edits.

2. Soundation – The Best Multitrack Online Editor

Essential and vital sound editing features are compressed and put together as Soundation, a noteworthy online editor that is an efficient Digital Audio Workstation. The software enables dynamic mixing and EQ for multiple track edits that would suit the best for editing general sounds, effects and podcasts.

There variety of effects in the Multi-Track Editing feature including MIDI instruments making it procurable for full-scale production edits. The software offers a monthly subscription choice.

However, the export sound quality and unavailability automation in the free version make the software subjected to deliberation yet the available features are sufficient to yield out the expected output.

3. Ashampoo Music Studi – The Best Simple Audio Editor

A best digital music studio that suits best for music lovers to edit their music library than professionals. It performs simple tasks such as cutting and converting file formats and The sleek and neat interface makes it easy for you to navigate settings.

Like the music of a video? Ashampoo is here for you to convert Video to Audio. You can create a mashup with the mixtape feature and convenient playlist.

4. GarageBand – The Best Audio Editor For MAC

Garageband a power-packed audio editor for MacOS. A fun music tool that is pliable well to perform mixing vocals and instruments at an advanced level like a professional DAW.

The user-friendly software enables simple usage of features such as equalising, cutting and pasting. A good to learn software that needs high skills yet you can hit the search button in the YouTube for tutorials. It executes well in mac as well as iPads.

5. Ocenaudio – The Efficient Cross-Platform Editor

A research project from the Federal University of Santa Catarina catered out a productive cross-platform audio editor Ocenaudio, that can edit large audio files and produce accurate spectrographs of recordings irrespective of the operating system.

Ocenaudio is a flexible software that is available at free of cost supports virtual Studio Technology with amazing effects.

6. Audacity – The Transcendent Multifaceted Editor

Audacity is the ultimate choice for audio editing, suiting the best for every user in the scale. The features available are the cream of the crop, it supports every audio format and performing simple tasks such as cutting, pasting in Audacity is a cakewalk.

You can step ahead and work on complex manipulation with multiple tracks feature and effects. The ocean of sound effects available in the Audacity’s built-in library adds up to the worthiness.

Not just an audio editor, Audacity supports importing images and splashes creative effects. Being a free software it is celebrated for its quick workflow and multiple features by the podcasting community as well as other users.

7. Reaper – Best Audio Editor For Musicians

Reaper is among the appreciated and acknowledged software by musicians and professionals. Its lifetime trial version has enough features to create and mix music with MIDI and other digital productions.

Reaper is capable of working with podcasts, gaming and full movie audio. It has non-destructive timeline including a VST library with range of effects for an enhanced level of production.

Applications of Audio Editing Software

  1. Music Production: Audio editing software is widely used in music production for recording, editing, and mixing music tracks, as well as arranging and mastering entire albums.
  2. Podcasting: Podcasters rely on audio editing software to record and edit episodes, add music and sound effects, and enhance overall audio quality for a polished and professional listening experience.
  3. Film and Video Production: In film and video production, audio editing software is essential for editing dialogue, adding Foley effects, creating soundscapes, and mixing audio tracks to complement visual storytelling.
  4. Game Development: Audio editing software is used in game development to create immersive sound effects, design interactive audio environments, and integrate audio assets into video games for an immersive gaming experience.
  5. Live Sound Reinforcement: Audio editing software is also utilized in live sound reinforcement applications, such as concerts and events, for mixing and processing live audio signals in real-time.

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Audio can be an easy task when you choose the right audio editor. Always opt a software depending on what task you have to get it, ensure to have the high-quality audio before editing.

Ocenaudio can serve to be the best cross-platform audio editor with adequate features. Go for Audacity for professional production, choose Soundation for a web-based editor. Read, choose and edit productively.