15 Best ‘Garage Sale Apps’ and Yard Sale Apps for Android and iOS

There are several Garage Sale Apps and Yard Sale Apps which are basically used for streamlining the process of garage sale. These apps can be used to reduce the efforts of both sellers and buyers at a great extent.

It is widely used for keeping all the sales in an organized way and easier implementation of the proposed solution of a garage sale. These days people might think that garage sales are foregone but this can be denied because there are already many garage sale that are already happening on daily basis.

The best example which can justify the above statement is the World’s Biggest Garage Sales that is being conducted every year since 2013 which is charitable. Another example that can be considered is 127 Yard Sale which covers more than 700 miles across two states.

Now, what exactly are garage sale apps? This is one of the best ways to get a deal of an item at a certain price. This is used to enable searching for garage sale nearby easy for users.

Following are the list of 15 best Garage Sale Apps available for Android and iOS to streamlining your search of the garage sale. These apps are straightforward to install and consist of different functions and features.

Best Garage Sale Apps and Yard Sale Apps for Android and iOS

15 Best Garage Sale Apps for Android and iOS

1. VarageSale

VarageSale is among the best virtual garage sales applications that allow users to buy and sell used items on its network, forming a local community. The survey says it all about VarageSales as the amount of growth it has shown among top tech companies in Silicon Valley and many others.

How to sell items on VarageSale?

  1. Go to the “Post Items” option.
  2. If you want to increase the chances of your item to get sold it is recommended you upload photos using “Upload Photos” option.
  3. After uploading Photos add some description and the items you uploaded.
  4. Once you are done with all above steps, it’s time to submit your item by submitting it . Go to “Submit Items”. And rest the app will do for you.

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2. GLICKIN Garage Sales (Free)

What’s GLICKIN? Well, then it is also a garage sale app available for both Android and iOS, which provides you with the functionality of seeing clusters of sales going on nearby. It is also a location-based app therefore, you will need to feed in location to enable searching. This app again can be used for selling and buying old products. Let’s discuss the features of selling and buying products separately.

If you are a seller, then the seller gets the functionality of uploading a picture and 10 seconds video for the product, which will be on sale. It also gives extra functionality of providing open hours to contact. Now for buyers, it allows you to filter the search based on the buyer. Filters that can be applied are category, date of posting, posted by, and many other features.

3. HoardNot

HoardNot is easy to use and free app available for garage sale nearby. It is used for buying and selling product online in your nearby location. With the involvement of this app now you can easily earn money by selling old products in your nearby. Not only you can sell products but also you can buy required products easily with help of this app.

It is also provided with chat option using which you can communicate with buyer and seller and in both cases you can negotiate price according to mutual decision of both buyer and seller. One more feature is there which will give you location of buyer and seller by navigation through map provided. It helps in increasing your community for selling and buying of products.

4. Bookoo

Bookoo is an online classified app available for both android and iOS platform which is easy and free to install. As other garage sales app it is also used for buying and selling products. Now how actually it is done? Well that’s easy and simple to do.

Users just need to contact the seller, schedule meetings, meet up, exchange products for the money, and then do it. This app is also provided with features of chatting with customers or sellers. You can anytime contact the seller and just meet up. There’s no need to actually shipping your product or sending money online. This app gives you a suggestion locally. That’s why you don’t really need to wait for the product for so long. You can always do it in your way.

5. CPlus

CPlus is a geolocation-based garage sale app which is one of the most famous apps. It allows you to do searching not only for nearby locations but also in other cities. For searching in a different city all you need to do is just change the location you want to search according to your requirement.

Along with this interesting feature, there’s one more feature added that lets you change the way you look at the app’s interface. There are multiple options available for view, such as a photo album view, then a photo with a description view and one more is photo grid view. It cannot be denied that a very friendly user interface is provided.

6. Vintage

As its name intelligibly dictates what this app is all about. This is an app available for selling and buying products that are already used and aged products. This was developed by Biznetx LLC.   Most importantly it is one of the best apps available for selling aged and used products. Users can use it to buy and sell variety of items which they have to sell over vintage apps.

Consider a case that you have an old vintage shirt which you want to sell. You can sell it on vintage shirt and this will be on sale immediately and you will be getting paid for every item you sell. Things which can be put on sale on this app include vintage shirts, electronics, dresses, shoes, retro games etc. It also let you bargain in your neighbourhood for the item you would like to buy.

7. Garage Sales by Map

Garage Sales by Map is a geolocation bases app which allows searching on the basis of location as name suggests. In this app you will have to find garage sales, yard sales and estate sales nearby on map. It is also available for both android and iOS.  It also includes feature of chatting with the seller in-app.

It basically selects different classified items from app and different sites and lists them all. These sales are categorical on the basis of titles. It is easy for searching sales you are looking for by using map location instantaneously. Not only you can see ads but also you can post your ad.

8. TallySheet

If you have a lot of items that you don’t need them now then this app is the best option for sellers. It genuinely helps you cleaning your home by removing unused items. This app consists of a 3D camera for posting pictures of item you want to send and also many other picture frameworks for posting pictures of products you want to sell.

9. Offer Up

This app lets you sell and buy items locally at a great price. It is also available with various functionalities such as messaging options and filtering searches. Well, thousands of items are shared on this app for sale and to make the user experience better it provides you with the functionality of filtering your search. There’s no doubt that this app is provided with a great user interface and great browsing experience.

10. KSL Classifieds

It is both classified and garage sales app which is used for selling products online. You can post pictures and videos about the item you want to sell. You can also write few lines which will describe item you are selling and also it will specify terms and conditions for product. Most importantly it provides private messaging for secure communication. Additional feature is that it allows posting resume also for job searching.

11. Letgo

Letgo is an application that gives you the functionality of selling products and also finding great deals nearby. Along with searching for products, it includes filtering of searching on criteria you mention. Seller needs to just post photos with description which will go online in seconds and will be visible to interested users in seconds. It also have variety of items.

12. 5Miles

If user is looking for highest rated local marketplace then it is the right choice to buy and sell products. It is also available on android and iOS. It includes variety of items available with great pricing. It also allows logging through Facebook and email accounts for secure login.

Like other online apps you can post your product’s photo. There’s one more feature that is sharing. You can anytime share products through fb, whatsapp, email and other options.

13. Yard Sale

As the name suggests, it is a yard sale app available for looking through yard sales on the map. Also, yard sales can be viewed in the form of a list. It uses cloud storage for its functioning and for easy accessing of details through the app.

Searching can be filtered on different categories and keywords. This app also provides you one best additional feature not provided by any other application. Support is provided if you face any difficulty while using applications.

14. Wallapop

Wallapop is another one of the best Garage sale apps available that lets you recycle and upcycle products online. You can sell and buy products online without worrying about delivery charges and waiting time. You just need to upload a photo of the item which you are willing to sell online with a little description. For searching, it provides a filtered search, which helps you in a better search experience.

15. Listia

Listia is also another marketplace application available to be downloaded but it is little different from other applications. In this you can and sell buy things but functioning is little different here as for every item you sell you get to buy stuff free of cost.

In this for every item you share for reuse you earn credit for it. You can buy stuff for yourself by the credits you earned. This is how it works then.

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That’s it. I hope you liked the guide and found your best garage sale app.