How To Make a Flying Machine in Minecraft

Redstone is a form of dark magic familiar to everyone who has played Minecraft for any length of time. What was meant to be a fantasy interpretation of elementary electronic circuits instead enables any Minecraft user to construct the ludicrous.

Players discover many creative uses for Redstone, such as automating a farm to produce food or creating a functional clock. One of the more outlandish inventions gamers have made throughout all editions is the flying machine, and we’ll be discussing them today. Start here.

How To Make a Flying Machine in Minecraft


How To Make a Flying Machine in Minecraft? and What It Takes to Get There.

To keep things simple, this article will focus on Java Edition and the core Redstone features it offers. In addition, we plan to construct the most basic flying devices conceivable. Have no fear; even something as simple as this is pretty intricate.

You should start by giving the bottom of the aeroplane the same height as the target altitude. In its horizontal flight, the machine will maintain a constant velocity and never descend. Until it collides with something, it won’t slow down either. You’ll require two sticky pistons, two observers, and four honey blocks. (also known as ooze chunks) Now, let’s get started.

To begin, position your first Observer such that he or she is looking away from a Sticky Piston. Keep in mind that this needs to be raised to the height at which you intend for the machine to soar. graphed (along the y-axis)

It is recommended that you line up two Honey Blocks (or Slime Blocks) in front of the Sticky Piston. Whenever you’re in the airship, your feet should be planted firmly on these Honey Blocks.

Simply repeat steps 1 and 2 to create another identical construction next to the first, this time facing in the opposite direction. You should end up with something that resembles the above picture, so you may refer to it if you need more explanation.

It’s over! To make a basic aeroplane, that’s all you need. Totally cool, right? Just put a block in front of the Observer on the side you don’t want the machine to fly towards, and it will take off in that direction.

For Southward movement, for instance, you would position a block in front of the North Observer, if your machine was oriented North/South. If you want to stop the flying machine while it’s in the air, just set down a block of obsidian in front of it.


Simply said, that’s the whole deal! True, making a flying machine was less difficult than I had anticipated. More sophisticated models exist, presumably with features like automatic stopping.

As a method of land excavation, some aircraft dump TNT at regular intervals, but that’s material for another blog. Whatever the situation may be, I did my best to share some information with you, so I hope you took something away from this.