How To Make a Secret Door in Minecraft

Recent viral creations from the Minecraft community include enormous cookies made of Oreos and fully functional calculators. Big delicious cakes won’t help you much if you’re being attacked by a mob or have to defend yourself from rivals, though, unless Cookie Monster from Sesame Street makes an appearance in a future update.

A gamer’s best bet for survival on a Minecraft PvP server, where standing out from the crowd is a top priority, is to construct a hidden door leading inside their base.

Several prerequisites must be met before construction on the concealed door can begin. Since this layout is impossible in the nether, users of Minecraft will need to be in the Overworld in order to finish it.

How To Make a Secret Door in Minecraft

Also, gamers should update to the most recent version of Minecraft as soon as they can. On consoles, updates happen automatically, although PC players have the choice to do so via the “downloads and updates” section of the Minecraft launcher.

For the record, any version of Minecraft after the 1.16 Nether upgrade should function as well.

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How Do You Construct a Secret Door in Minecraft?

Using Redstone dust, a material that transmits electricity when put as a block, can make building Redstone contraptions in Minecraft a bit more involved than doing other things in the game. Fortunately, there are just seven components and 19 particles of Redstone dust required to construct a concealed door.

  • Stupid Piston – Number Eight (8).
  • Push One Button (1).
  • It’s a One-Time Repeating Device (1).
  • Witness – One (1).
  • A Decade of Redstone Dust (19) (19).
  • Single Redstone Unit (1).
  • Torch of Redstone, Number One (1).

The design relies heavily on the Observer, but the players will need a lot of bonemeal to make this block work. If you find yourself in need of bone blocks in survival mode, you can easily obtain them from any Soul Sand valley in the Nether.

Minecraft: How To Make a Secret Door in Minecraft?

Now that you have the necessary supplies, all you need to do is choose a huge, out-of-the-way place, like a cave wall or cliffside in Minecraft, to construct the entrance to your hidden stronghold. As soon as you locate a suitable spot, grab a pickaxe and make an inverted “L” in the wall.

After the interior is hollowed out, players should cover the “Lbending “‘s insert with a wall of Sticky Pistons, which should be layered on top of each other to make a huge square in two dimensions (which can be seen on the left side of the image below).

To finish the left side of the structure, simply mirror the right side and stack two more pistons there. In contrast to the preceding four pistons, they should point to the right.

Once you’ve gotten as far as you can in the Minecraft construction, dig out a 4×4 area above the Pistons. Now, construct a “L” shape with a Redstone repeater at its centre and three Redstone dust blocks along its surface. Akin to a circuit, this block allows Redstone signals to “repeat” and “lock” in a single state.

Put a Redstone torch outside at the door, and it’ll double as the key to the secret passageway within. Dig a room towards the Redstone torch inside the massive Minecraft base, then set up a Sticky Piston on the block to neutralise it.

When you do this, the Piston will fire, sending its plate hurtling ahead. Insert an observer and a Redstone block onto the plate.

You must now construct a staircase leading up to the initial Sticky Piston wall, as shown in the Minecraft screenshots above. This series of intermediate actions will transport the Redstone dust and establish a bridge between the two structures.

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Now that the concealed entrance has been constructed, players who wish to enter the base must light a Redstone torch and place it in the designated spot. By doing so, the seemingly regular cave wall will open up, revealing one of the most well-hidden bases in all of Minecraft.

Minecraft may now be played on mobile devices, computers, the Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One.