How To Make a Smoker in Minecraft

Use a Smoker if you want your food cooked quickly in Minecraft. Simple to create, it only requires a few common materials.

The Ingredients for a Smoker in Minecraft

A Smoker can be crafted with a single Furnace and four wood logs of any type. To begin, set a Furnace in the middle slot of a Crafting Table. Once all other slots besides the corners have been filled with Wood Logs, you can go on to the next step. One Smoker can be made using this method.

It’s important to remember that any Wood Log, or even a combination of several Wood Log types, can be used to make a Smoker. For instance, both Oak and Spruce logs have the potential to be used in the construction of a Smoker.

How To Make a Smoker in Minecraft

Locations for Acquiring Firewood and Heating Equipment

The trees around you are a gold mine for Wood Logs. You can collect them by punching the blocks, but it’s much faster to use an axe. In terms of material, a Diamond Axe will be more efficient than a Wooden Axe at felling trees.

It won’t be hard either to construct a Furnace out of the required eight Cobblestone. To do this, fill a Crafting Table with Cobblestone, leaving one slot free in the centre.

How to Track Down People Who Get Their Smokes From the Great Outdoors

Village butcher shops may be good places to find smokers. The villagers won’t stop you from mining them for your own use if that’s what you like to do. In any case, a Pickaxe is required to get a Smoker. Nothing will fall out if you break one by hand or with a tool.

Additionally, a Butcher Villager’s workplace is a block called a Smoker. This means that an unemployed Villager can be transformed into a Butcher Villager by placing a Smoker in close proximity to them.

The Case Against Smoking Using a smoker instead of a conventional oven is a more time- and energy-efficient way to prepare meals. Do yourself a favour and build a smoker if you’re tired of waiting for your food.

Like any other Furnace, all you have to do to utilise it is set it up and throw in some raw ingredients and fuel.

Even though the cost of cooking with a smoker and a furnace is the same, smokers consume fuel twice as quickly as furnaces.

So, stock up on fuel if you need to prepare a large quantity of meals. You can use anything made of wood as fuel, but the longest-lasting options are coal and charcoal.