How To Make a Water Elevator in Minecraft

Players have the potential to, and have already created, some incredible works of engineering in Minecraft. Thanks to Minecraft’s extensive array of building blocks, users may construct everything from little houses to huge replicas of the Hawaiian Islands.

However, a swift elevator might be necessary for players to get up and down their vast structures as they work on these projects.

Minecraft Water Elevator Parts for Moving Water

Players will need a few supplies to construct a water elevator. First, there’s water, and then there are the blocks that players employ to hold that water. They will also require Soul Sand and Magma bricks. You’ll need these primary components to construct your own Water Lift in Minecraft.

How To Make a Water Elevator in Minecraft

How To Make a Water Elevator in Minecraft: Guide

Players may get started on their constructions with the help of a Minecraft crafting table and these supplies. Three identical 1×1 brick (or glass) towers form the foundation of an elevator, as seen below. The centre square should be left vacant.

  1. The height of the towers should be equal to that of the level the player needs to access by elevator.
  2. The next step is to instal a door at the base of the tower and secure it shut. This space can accommodate just about any kind of door.
  3. The tower above the entrance should then have its fourth side added.
  4. The next step requires that players fill a bucket with water. A bucket, which can be crafted from iron ingots, can be used to access the watery portion of the water elevator; this requires only the use of the bucket in a water source.
  5. As the elevator ascends, it will take advantage of the game’s peculiar water behaviour, in which water will continue to flow indefinitely if given the correct container.

Because of this, players may construct elevators, water slides, and endless waterfalls out of a single block of water. Once the water has filled the void, it will stay filled forever, even if the door at the base of the tower is opened.

The tall 1×1 water container is now available to players. The next step is to instal a Magma Block or a Soul Sand in the elevator’s base. When placed at the top, Magma Blocks will draw players down through the water, while Soul Sand placed at the bottom will do the opposite and push them up.

Obtaining Magma Blocks and Soul Sand in Minecraft both require travel to the Nether, yet both are quite simple to acquire. In the Soul Sand Valley biome of the Nether, you can find Soul Sand in its natural state, unprocessed.

In the crafting menu, players will need to mix four Magma Creams to form a single Magma block, two in the first two blocks of the first row and two creams in the first two blocks of the second row.

Magma Cubes, which may be encountered in various different Nether biomes, are the source of the Magma Cream that can be looted by players. Slime balls and flame powder can be mixed to create creams.


Now that the lifts are finished, the players can take as many trips up and down them as they’d like. Using this framework, players can design and build their own unique elevators in Minecraft.