How To Make an End Portal in Minecraft

An active End Portal is required to access The End and engage in combat with the Ender Dragon. In this guide, you’ll learn where to look for and How To Make an End Portal in Minecraft.

To What Extent is it Possible to Create a Portal to the End in Minecraft?

You can construct your very own Portal to the End in Creative Mode. The pieces of the frame can’t be crafted, but you can look for them in your inventory.

Step 1. In the inventory, put 12 End Portal Frames and 12 Eyes of Ender on the quick bar.

How To Make an End Portal in Minecraft

Step 2. Position the last portal frame. Each side must have three blocks, as seen below.

Step 3. The green indicators should point inward toward the centre of the hole. If you stand in the centre, you can be confident that the gateway will be built correctly around you.

Step 4. Place Eyes of Ender into each frame slot from outside the frame. When the last one is in place, the portal will open.

How To Make an End Portal in Minecraft? and How do I Activate it?

Once you have located or created an End Portal, you must activate it. See below for instructions on how to accomplish both:

Step 1. Amass a total of 12 Ender Pearls. Put an end to the Endermen threat or provide the Piglins of the Nether with a steady supply of Gold Ingots. It’s not uncommon for village clerics to barter Ender Pearls for Emeralds.

Step 2. Produce 12 ounces of Blaze Powder using 6 Blaze Rods. Two Blaze Powders can be prepared simultaneously. Defeating Blazes in the Nether will reward you with Blaze Rods.

Step 3. Construct a work surface for crafting by nailing together four wood planks and setting it up on the floor, open side up.

Step 4. Create a minimum of 12 Ender’s Eyes. If you want to build an Eye of Ender, you need to put Blaze Powder in the first box of the middle row and an Ender Pearl in the centre of the grid.

Step 5. Put on an Eye of Ender and launch it. In the end, the Eye of Ender will soar through the air and crash down to Earth. Take a look in the sky to see where it lands, give it another toss if you don’t manage to catch it, and so on. If you keep throwing, eventually you’ll discover an area where it sticks.

The platform you’re using will determine how you throw the Eye of Ender:

  • If you’re using a PC, click the “Right” button
  • On a mobile device, you should tap and hold to
  • Atari: Select LT
  • If you have a PlayStation, press L2 to load the menu.

Step 6. As soon as the Eye repeatedly lands in the same place, exploration can begin to locate the fortress.

Step 7. Find the exit portal. Find the room that has a stairwell, lava, and a monster spawner.
If you want to open the End Portal, you need to put the Eyes of Ender in the vacant frame blocks. There may already be Eyes installed in the portal’s frame.

Step 8. In order to face the Ender Dragon, you must travel through the End portal and arrive at The End.


The Minecraft Gateway Block is Something I’d like to Get My Hands on, but I don’t know where to find one

If you activate a portal, blocks will emerge within its confines; touching one of these blocks will take you through the portal to the location you chose. You can’t normally carry one with you, however in some games you can through inventory editing or glitches.

The Minecraft community has been asking: “How do I create a Nether Portal?”

You’ll need a lot of Obsidian if you want to create a doorway to the Nether. With the blocks, demarcate a square at least four blocks wide and five blocks deep (the inner ring will be two by three blocks). The maximum allowed square footage is 23 square blocks. Fire set inside the Obsidian boundary will open the portal.