How To Make Bookshelf in Minecraft

A bookshelf in Minecraft is mostly a decorative block used to hold enchanting books for use at the enchanting table. A Bookshelf is one of the easiest blocks to create in Minecraft, yet it is crucial for obtaining potent enchanted items.

In this piece, we’ll look into the process of building a bookshelf in Minecraft. The Minecraft Bookshelf add-on is obtainable on all platforms.

Minecraft: Where to Find the Bookshelf

In Minecraft, Bookshelf may be found in the Village Library and in various residences. Each library in a small town typically contains ten Bookshelf.

How To Make Bookshelf in Minecraft

Fortresses also often have libraries available to the public. It is possible for a fortress to house two Libraries. Bookshelves in a Stronghold Library are often more numerous and organised into pillars than those in a Village Library. In Minecraft, a Library without a balcony can hold 161 bookcases, whereas a Library with a balcony can have 233.

Bookshelf can only be moved to your inventory by breaking them. Bookshelf can be readily smashed by hand. It will go much more quickly if you use an axe, though.
The stronger your axe, the quicker you can smash through those Bookshelf. In under twenty-two hundredths of a second, a Golden Axe will smash a Bookshelf.

Bookshelf can be obtained from Novice Librarian Villagers.

The average sale price for a bookshelf in Bedrock Edition is 9 emeralds, and a villager with the librarian skill level of a beginner has a 50% probability of making this profit.
63 percent of Java Edition’s naive librarian villagers can make 9 emeralds from selling a bookshelf.

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Tutorial on Building a Bookshelf in Minecraft

We’ve laid down everything you’ll need and the entire instructions for crafting a bookshelf in Minecraft: (with pictures).

Things That Must Be Obtained

Tools and materials: a workbench, some wood, and some books

To access the 2×2 grid Crating Menu, press E. The Crafting table may be obtained by entering 4 Wood into the Crafting Menu.

The Crating Table can be used to produce Wood Planks from raw Wood. You don’t even have to use the same kind of wood for each plank; you can use any kind you like.

With these materials, you may make a Book: 3 Paper and 1 Leather. On the top row of the Crating Table, place three sheets of paper, and in the middle slot on the left, place one piece of leather. There is a specific order in which you must arrange the components.

How to Build a Bookshelf

The Bookshelf may be crafted at the Crafting Table in Minecraft. The woodworking table’s top and bottom rows should be stocked with planks of wood, so get the table out and get to work. Position three books in the centre shelf. The right-hand compartment houses a bookshelf. To add it to your stock, simply drag and drop.


Open the Crafting table to a 3×3 grid, place 3 Books in the middle row, then fill all other spaces with 6 Wood Planks of any sort to create a bookshelf in Minecraft. Put the bookcase in your bag by dragging it there.