9 Best ‘Mobdro’ Alternatives In 2024

Mobdro is an Android device app using which users can watch television online on their phone or tablet. That too without making any payment. This is a very popular live T.V. streaming app that is able to stream and capture videos.

The content is arranged category wise which includes various shows, news channels. The app offers a wide variety of genre content which includes Sports, Films, Music Games, Anime, and more.

Popular and hit TV shows are available here, which you can also download. Also, there is online television available in more than 10 different languages. The interface of this app is easy and optimized for the users.


The special thing is that the user does not even need a login account to use the app. It searches the links of the best videos from YouTube and collects them on its platform.

There are many other alternatives of this Android Live TV app also available which provide the best service. Below we will discuss those options in detail.

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9 Best Mobdro Alternatives In 2024

1. Oreo TV

This is an Android Supported Live TV Streaming App with the help of which you can get free streaming of Live TV Channels from India, the UK, the US, and many more country-based. Downloading the app and streaming it are both available for free.

It has spread its service all over the world. You must have a high-speed internet connection to use the app. Here you haven’t required registration or subscription. This is a very good platform for your favorite and popular entertainment.

Thousands of materials are available for the users on this. Oreo TV has been updated on 4th July 2021. Above 1000 Live T.V. Channels Available. On this, you can find the different genres to watch like films, sports, comedy, T.V. shows, music, drama, news, etc.

2. AOS T.V

This is the best and very popular alternative to Mobdro TV to provide a live TV streaming service. Here users can watch TV channels online for absolutely free. It provides a great service as it is very easy to avail entertainment service sitting at home on your Android device.

Here you can discover your favorite title and enjoy its streaming. More than 1000 channels have been provided in the app, in which online content is hosted. Its interface is very simple and nice.

On this, you can find Live TV Channels from different countries including India, the USA, Europe, UK, South America, Australia, Bangladesh, Italy, and many more.

The application can be downloaded/installed directly on Android, Tab, Laptop, PC, and Smart TV. There are many categories of entertainment available on it which include Movies, Games, TV Shows, Sports, and Music.

3. 123TV

123TV is a platform providing live TV streaming services based in the USA. Here you can get free streaming of more than 80+ Live TV Channels of entertainment using high-speed internet connection.

With just one simple touch, you can choose your favorite channel and get streaming of various Movies, TV shows, Sports, Anime & News.

There is no app for 123 TV, it has to be browsed. The site can be accessed from any web browser. You can use it on your Fire TV or Fire Stick using the browser Silk and on Android by browsing through Google Chrome, you can get streaming of entertainment.

4. Thop TV

This is another alternative to Mobdro Live TV, which has been developed to provide entertainment streaming facilities to the people. This is the best source to watch unlimited movies, sports, news, cartoons, TV shows live.

This is a free Chinese application providing a total free service, which is designed for devices like Android iOS. The features of the app are amazing. You can directly download it on your PC or Android using the internet.

A lot of subtitles are revealed while streaming here. If users want, they can also create a list of their favorite content in it which they want to watch later.

The special thing is that you do not even have to pay monthly subscription or membership charges here. There are up to 500 different Indian channels available which provide the services in HD quality.

5. TV Catchup

TV ketchup is a way to reach entertainment. It allows users to enjoy free-to-air streaming of UK televisions and satellite cable channels. Everyone can watch live television for free at here. Users can install this app on their Android, Tablet, Laptop, or PC.

Its categories include Music, News, Sports, Entertainment etc. It was established in 2007 as the original video recorder. But in December 2015 it was launched again as an online streaming service. Although this is an ad-supported application. This will help you if you want to stream popular UK channels.


USTVGO is the center of entertainment providing streaming of a vast number of live TV channels. This is better for those who want to enjoy Live TV on their Android only. There are more than 80 live channels available here, which you can use for free and take advantage of online streaming.

It’s a neat and clean feature free of ads. The channels available in the site are presented with a better UI.

Many other popular channels like ABC, CNN, HBO, NBC, ESPN, CMT, Science, History, Fox, Cartoon Network, Climate are present in the site, whose number is more than eighty which have been presented by dividing their category wise.

7. Kodi

Kodi is a live media player hub where you can get free entertainment streaming services like Movies, Videos, TV Shows, Music. It is open-source software that has been made available for almost every type of operating system including Android, iOS, Apple TVOS, Mac OS, Windows 7, and others.

The content here is available in different languages. You can find and enjoy different types of media content. It is well designed for big-screen TVs. It has a pretty interface with perfect features.

On this platform, you can get a streaming service of more than 1400 channels by installing IPTV Addon named Cloud TV Which is an easy process.

8. YouTube TV

YouTube TV is a subscription-based (OTT) app providing live streaming service of over-the-top content It was established on 28 February 2017. This is a UK- based TV app that contains various channels such as CBS, NBC, ABC, Fox, and many more.

It is capable of providing video-on-demand service in which you can enjoy American live television. Its monthly subscription plan is a fixed amount. Almost 90 televisions are broadcast live here.

This app is owned by YouTube which is a backed company of Google. It provides an air-based DVR service. Its categories include games, movies, TV shows, news, and others. Users can download the app on Android or Apple TV.

9. Sling TV

Sling TV is a US-based live TV streaming service provider. It is operated by LLC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Dish Network. It was founded on 9 February 2015. The Sling TV service can be accessed using a digital media player and app.

This is a subscription plan service. But you have to spend very little money here compared to the charges of satellite and cable package. Which is good news for the addicted people to live TV.

Sling TV is a better alternative to cable TV and also it is the best platform to watch Tokyo Olympics. It is available with the Air DVR feature where you can get streaming of the Most Popular Live TV Channels of the USA.

Details About the Mobdro Website:

Understanding Mobdro: What is it? Mobdro is a streaming service that differs from the conventional on-demand model followed by most platforms. Instead of selecting a specific title, users on Mobdro are presented with channels that stream content continuously.

This approach emulates the experience of traditional TV viewing but with the convenience and flexibility of modern streaming.

Features of Mobdro:

  1. Diverse Content Range: Mobdro offers a wide array of channels covering various genres, including sports, movies, documentaries, music, and more. This diversity ensures that there is something for every viewer.
  2. User-Friendly Interface: The website is designed with simplicity in mind, making navigation easy for all users, regardless of their tech-savviness.
  3. Live Streaming: One of the key highlights of Mobdro is its live streaming capability, particularly appealing to sports and news enthusiasts who prefer real-time content.
  4. No Subscription Fees: Unlike many streaming services, Mobdro doesn’t require a monthly subscription, making it an attractive option for budget-conscious viewers.

How to Use Mobdro: Using Mobdro is straightforward. Users can access the platform via its website. The homepage presents a selection of channels, and users can browse or search for their preferred content. Clicking on a channel starts the stream, offering a seamless viewing experience.

Safety and Legality: While Mobdro provides a vast range of content for free, it’s crucial for users to be aware of the legal and safety implications. The legality of streaming certain content can vary based on geographical location and the specific content being streamed. Users are advised to stay informed about their local laws regarding online streaming.

Device Compatibility: Mobdro’s versatility extends to its compatibility with various devices. It can be accessed on smartphones, tablets, and computers, ensuring users can enjoy content on their preferred device.

Quality of Streams: The quality of streaming on Mobdro can vary. While many channels offer high-definition quality, some may stream in lower resolutions. However, the platform generally provides a stable streaming experience with minimal buffering.

Mobdro vs. Other Streaming Services: What sets Mobdro apart from other streaming services is its live streaming model and the absence of subscription fees. While it doesn’t offer the same on-demand content library as services like Netflix or Hulu, it provides a unique viewing experience reminiscent of traditional television.

Community and Support: Mobdro has a growing community of users. The platform offers support through its website, where users can find FAQs and contact information for further assistance.

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These are all useful alternatives selected by Mobdro which provide a live TV streaming service. And there are almost all Android-supported applications that you can download on your system for free.

A wide range of content is presented here which includes tons of movies, shows, sports, news, etc. Helping users to choose and stream the content they want. This is a working app and absolutely safe to maintain the privacy of the users.

If you see copyrighted content from this app then it may come under the illegal category otherwise it is legal.