9 Best Moviewatcher Alternatives

Stuck at work! Having the urge to watch a movie at its earliest! Do not have a Netflix account! Having a FOMO! Do not worry, with good internet connectivity, the smart device in hand you can easily browse for various websites and binge-watch free movies from the comfort of your home.

MovieWatcher is a website for watching movies, TV shows, and short documentaries for free. You can stream online or download it in the best quality. You can sort the titles according to your preference by applying filter like genre, release date, year ad many others. Its friendly user face makes it more popular and best. It is more of a centralized platform ad relies on external sources.

Best Alternative Sites of MovieWatcher

Below we have mentioned some of the best alternatives available to movie watcher. You can try these sites as MovieSatcher to watch movies. So let’s have a look on them.

1. PandaMovie

PandaMovie is a free website for streaming movies, TV shows, and series. You can download a movie easily without facing any hurdle. It has a huge collection of movies including top-rated Hollywood motion pictures. You can sort the movies according to the specific genre you like. You can likewise search for a particular movie in the search bar. It provides a filter option which syncs with the interface. It has one drawback, a lot of advertisements appears while watching videos.

2. HouseMovie

HouseMovie is a website, where people can watch any movies, TV shows and series for free either through streaming online or by downloading. They can select any genre they like from the available option and watch it in a high quality. It is easy to function. You simply need to click on the movie icon, at first you get a list of recommendations you can select from the list, there are thousands and thousands of movies and a bunch of old movies as well. The movies, TV shows and series are sorted by the latest release. Once you click any of them you get a synopsis about the movie, trailer and some recommendations as well.

3. GoMovies

GOMovies is one of the most popular site for watching the latest release movies for free. As well as being similar to 123movies, it is simple to use which makes it more popular. You can download or stream online, Hollywood as well as Bollywood movies at best quality, for free of cost. This provides you with a browser where you can pick the genre you want, choose the year of publication, language subtitles and many others that are completely cost-free. Though its services might be banned in some country according to laws and regulation of the particular region. It has some drawbacks as well, the latest release movie is available at poor quality and presets with a lot of advertisements while playing the video.

4. PrimeWire

PrimeWire is a free movie streaming website. You can register yourself to get the extra benefits available, you can leave your feedback in the comment section. You can select the highest upvote for a movie In order to prevent the sponsored ones. It has some unique features like, by using the schedule option you get to know about the upcoming movies, TV shows, so you do not miss out your favourite ones. If a movie does not stream on a particular quality, it provides you with various other options to stream in. with just a click on the movies or TV shows tab, you can browse for Hundreds and apply filters like any other site.

5. RainierlandMovies

Rainierland provides you with free HD movies, TV shows, series, and short documentaries to stream on the web or download it. You can simply watch a boundless number of movies in the best quality, for free. It has a layout similar to Netflix where you can also sort movies according to a specific genre like comedy, thriller, adventure, action and many others or according to release year. It has a friendly interface, which makes the search easier.

6. HDMoviesPoint

In HDMoviesPoint you can stream only movies for free, but if you want to download the movie you need to register yourself first. Though it is well known for Bollywood movies, movies are available in various other dialects like Nepali, Tamil, Bhojpuri, which are accessible. Besides providing the movie details like budget, box office collection, distributed by, running time it also provides you with a still picture from the film which can be set as a background image.

7. Movie2k

Movie2k which is now known as movie4k is a free website for streaming TV shows, movies and downloading it as well. It has a huge database of movies, ranging from old classic collection to the latest release available in the best quality. The special feature of this site is that you can place a request for a particular movie or TV show if that is not available. If English is not your language, it has got you covered as it supports various other languages. You can apply various filters Available for easy and fast browsing.

8. Movie4u

It is a free streaming website for movies, TV shows in HD, which you need not register for. The best part is, it is advertisements- free. It is one of the finest websites who enjoy watching top movies In the IMDB list. You can select a particular genre which is preset at the right side of the page. Search for a particular movie from the upper right-hand side of the page, sort the movies according to the release year. You require to register yourself first, In case you want to download the movie.

9. Niter

Niter is free streaming and downloading website, which is free from advertisements. It has a huge database of movies available. You can watch a movie by simply clicking on the watch button of a particular movie or TV show. The unique aspect of this website is you can post or import a movie or subtitles in any language you choose, bearing in mind it does not infringe any of its policies. Similar to other sites it provides you with genre filter, sorting the movies, shows according to the release year and may others.


The above-mentioned sites are alternative to moviewatcher which gives you a similar experience. You can select the desired site and enjoy the unique features that each site has to offer you for a fun experience. You should be attentive to the pop-up messages that appear as some of it contains malicious code, which is not safe at all. One wrong click can lead you to danger.

We understand the problem and the uneasiness that you face while searching for your favorite movies to watch online. We are here to abridge these gap and provide solutions by tech-related articles in the best simplest form possible and any other needs which are barricading you from the comfort zone. Ensuring that you get all the possible information without facing any hurdles. If there are any other solutions available besides the above-mentioned, or there are any other tech-related queries, do let us know in the comments below. Happy binge-watching!