15 Best Sites to ‘PrimeWire’

Primewire started more than 5 years ago. It has a great well-thought-out design and selection of content. It’s known to everyone any site cannot withstand a long time. Some come and go.

Some sites stay longer immune and share a great knowledge to viewers. Primewire can be of those sites which serve people with great entertainment.

History of PrimeWire

  • Primewire later changed its domain name to 1Channel, before eventually becoming Primewire.
  • Later, all its content was replaced by malicious advertisements, and hacking is done by asking credit card details.
  • Thereby scams started to steal money and it has lost all the fame from viewers
  • It is going on worse than any-one expected and content hasn’t looked much interesting to viewers.


Best Alternative and Similar Sites to PrimeWire

Therefore to satisfy all by means this article helps you to look after the top 15 sites in which viewers can know about sites that are alternative to primewire.

Also I can give assurance that these top 15 sites can satisfy you by all means by replacing all the drawbacks that occurred in primewire. The following are the sites that are alternatives to primewire.

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1. Movie4K

Movie 4K is a user-contributed video directory for television programs and films. It is an aggregation website acting as a search index for online videos. It mainly contributes to an English and German-speaking areas.

It belongs to a set of web-proxy portals that can tend to show different classes of pictures. It is an entertainment website that serves people with ultra digital video quality. It is a globally accepted website with the aim of entertaining people.


  • Every content on this website helps to drive you more knowledge and helps to make decision making.
  • Countless access to download steaming shows and trending movies.
  • Movies4k is a reliable website that does not involve any financial operations.
  • It tends to shows the website without registration when the viewer visits the website for the first time.
  • It includes the fresh movies of Hollywood and Bollywood. Along with this, the website also tends to show the vintage films of the ‘80s and the ‘90s which all people love to see.

2. 123Movie

123Movies is an amazing movie website with namely 100 million active users. Brilliant assortment of movies and TV shows made 123Movies more and more popular. This website is not only for downloading movies but also for streaming content online.

This is a great website to bring all the mass collection of movies together in one place in all over the world.


  • It is free of cost to watch a host of movies from different genres from anywhere.
  • Not only you get more quantity of shows and movies but also high quality.
  • All the movies and shows are categorized according to genre, category, and date of release.
  • A massive collection of data-base offers you to choose your desired movies and languages to watch.
  • It allows you to ask your favorite movie on the website if it is not present in the website and make you available to watch.

3. Movie25

Movie25 is an online site that tends to host an array of videos and stream online at free of cost. These also provide links from external websites that makes you to watch movies and shows without incompatibility.

These websites are restricted by an Indian government due to torrents. Torrents consists of illegal content through different domains.


  • Movie25 as a whole is used to watch newly released movies in 1080/720p
  • It is used to view movies, web series, drama, adventure, war, historical, and much more in English, Hindi, and other available languages.
  • With an easy and simple interface, viewers can easily view the content on the website with more fun.
  • It is categorized as recent movies, web series, latest shows for easy access of the user.
  • Although, it is an illegal website, it has an ability to view content legally in which this feature made this website popular.

4. SolarMovie

SolarMovie is a free library of many more movies and tv shows. It does not store any files on the server. All its content is offered by non-affiliated third parties. This website is updated every day with new content. Most of the content on the SolarMovie is in English and it provides endless high-resolution movies and TV shows.


  • An attractive thumbnail of SolarMovie makes an easy search for viewers to find what they need.
  • These websites can ensure users with a daily dose of entertainment with a user-designed interface.
  • Response time for SolarMovie will be stable that reduces versatility in the website.
  • The movies and shows provided by SolarMovie are absolutely free and downloadable.
  • The videos that are provided by SolarMovie are in HD format and compatible in any device.

5. Viooz

Viooz is an online website that makes viewers downloadable when the internet is disconnected. It solves the issues of video-buffering by providing low volumes of videos at high quality. In majority it requires users to clear the content in the page or revive the page as it doesn’t provide any additional storage of files in the servers.


  • The gushing takes an opportunity to load and d download to watch several more number of movies.
  • It had made-manufactured communication much easier by watching what we need by seeing online.
  • There are millions of users who put their trust in the videos for quality content.
  • There are different types of versions developed for viooz for designing according to customer preferences.
  • It can give updates to user in online whenever a new video is uploaded in viooz

6. Vidics

Vidics is an online website that is used to visit trending online movies and TV shows. It is an ideal hotspot for getting data about the shows. It offers to look at motion pictures for free throughout the globe and also you can look from the changed classifications. Also every motion picture has a short description of what it is about.


  • Vidics gives boundless access to motion pictures throughout the world.
  • “Time table” is the greatest recognizable tab that gives information about the TV shows that are run in time and allows us to watch in live.
  • The sponsored listing is served automatically by third parties.
  • Also the website warns users not to expose any personal details like bank details etc.
  • Along with movie information, it is also possible to get actor information with Vidics.

7. WatchSeriesTV

WatchSeries is the biggest online portal that is used to access Online tv movies, shows, and web series for nothing. Since this is reported as illegal, It is later developed to use the website alternatively with legal permission. It has many developed domains for ease of the users. It can be downloaded free with no registration.


  • It is easy to share the movies, and take screenshots for free without any subscription or registration.
  • Actual post links are placed on websites by owners who have intellectual ownership legally.
  • It provides a facility to view the latest videos as well as past videos and episodes if we miss out.
  • It has developed versions that figure-outs new trending shows with quality content.
  • It notifies recently added movies and shows to users without losing the fun.

8. PrimeWire

Primewire.li is the developed version of Primewire that is specially designed for users to view the content in a legal manner. It maintains a schedule with dates and timings to mention which program is running. It makes the user more appropriate to know the latest trendy videos and shows without missing out.


  • It consists of a search bar where by typing the title or tag to view the content that we want.
  • It has filterable links and descriptions that are downloadable and lets you watch online.
  • It has less intrusive commercials that are better than the first version of PrimeWire.
  • It is special in terms of visuals, speed, content, and quality also.
  • li consists of numerous titles, tags, trailers, movies, shows, web series, movies in its database.

9. Niter

Niter is an online movie website that also consists of trending movie trailers, web series without advertisements. It consists of all the movies online with quality-oriented content of 1080p. It is free of cost and video will play continuously without buffering. The site is completely responsive and will play in all devices with no compatibility.


  • The contents of the movie are huge and contain about 2000+ movies including later releases.
  • This website is based on the most powerful programming like bootstrap, Laravel for performance.
  • Niter has some interesting user-panel with some functionalities like bookmarks, favorites, where you can create your own lists.
  • It is used to access the filmography you can look it by actors and directors.
  • The movies are organized in the list with popularity, genres, cast, and ratings so that users can view by their choice.

10. ZMovies

Zmovies.cc is an online streaming movie platform where you can download thousands of movies especially classical and also latest HD. Zmovies.cc has the world’s extensive collection of films and latest movie trends.

It has the capability of exploring different categories of movies like horror, adventure, comedy, etc.


  • An advanced search box tends you to search all the titles, tags, reviews, and movies online.
  • It requires no registration, It is add-free content and high quality.
  • It has a unique blend of utmost new releases and at the same time good quality videos.
  • These videos are downloadable and can be posted on social websites.
  • Adding reviews, commenting, and requesting a video through email when the choice of our video is not available is an additional feature of this website.

11. Movie2K

Movie2K is the film piracy website where many people come to view the latest trending movie It is one of the movie trending website which has became the torrent worldwide.

It is used to observe the newest Bollywood, Telugu, Hindi, and many more. With the newest launched HD prints many people collaborating with this website.


  • Many of the developers work together for this website to keep the website as different from others.
  • This website will suggest the users to make free themselves for better downloads and to watch comfortably.
  • The website does not carry any additional and third party information, So the website is an add free content.
  • Movie2K consists of both website and a mobile application according to the preference and choice of the user.
  • Movie2K consists of high-quality video content with Telugu, Hindi, English, Tamil, Malayalam.

12. MovieFlixter

On MovieFlixter you can watch online movies for free with HD print without registration. It offers the viewer an HD movie without adding the video in the database. The interface of the website is designed as a simple to make use of the website very easily.

The overall rating of the website is good and the database of the website also remained extensive.


  • The movies are organized into certain categories like classic, New released etc.
  • There is a feature of searching tags or titles of the movie that makes it easy for the viewers to watch on their choice.
  • It is used to notify the viewers when they register when there is a newly uploaded video.
  • The website is developed in such a way that it is compatible with any device.
  • The website is developed according to customer feedback and opinions.

13. MovieWatcher

MovieWatcher website is used to browse streaming movies and web series that are available online. The website is using a security service to protect itself from online attacks. It gives a piece of detailed information about web series, streaming online movies, and are available in HD content.


  • This website offers extra benefits for users who registered and subscribed for MovieWatcher.
  • It makes available for add-free online content with free for anytime.
  • The website is customized and developed constantly with regular updates and customer feedback.
  • E-mail messages that are received from users are helpful to users to develop the website more and more.
  • The mobile-based application of MovieWatcher is used to track the location by GPS to recognize the user’s place and send the information accordingly.

14. Movie4U

Movie4U is a piracy based illegal website. It is used to download streaming online videos and the latest movies free online. The website depends on various URLs and domains without being traced.this website provides content in various sections. Movie4U website is used to watch movies free online and easily downloadable.


  • It is a free streaming online website that tends to watch any movie for free.
  • It consists of more than a thousand titles and movies with clear and simple user interface.
  • This application ensures 100% entertainment to every user with free of cost.
  • The experience greatly differs from Movie4U with all other websites in their responsive way.
  • It can give a clear glance about the movie reviews, ratings genuinely and makes it possible to load fast with no buffering problem.

15. Putlocker9

PutLocker9 is an online torrent video website that tends you to download movies illegally. It is only used to download Hollywood movies watch online and only Hollywood movies download.

It is banned in many countries due to illegal content on the website. Also there are are some features available for PutLocker9.


  • PutLocker9 application is designed simple and clear to make useful to all sections of people.
  • The website does not consist of any pop-up adds so that, the content downloading is made easier.
  • PutLocker9 is made available with both websites and applications. But, application is more convenient and fast than the website.
  • For accessing legal content VPN application is introduced in mobile so that, private data of the user is safeguarded.
  • For website tunnelbear tool is introduced to protect the private information of details.

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However, every website is providing high-quality HD content and making viewers enjoy it. Being every website is useful for watching online content there are some precautions to be taken.

Many websites are providing an external link that might seize our devices and hack our personal information. It is suggested to install compatible antivirus software to get rid of these problems.

Otherwise, the above-mentioned websites are free to use and access to provide huge entertainment.