12 Best Soul Anime Alternatives

Soul Anime is the best website among all other websites where any kind of animes are made possible to access without any piracy issues. The website has a collection of all the latest anime series and episodes. There is an easy tracking on the website with different languages available and translated to their language. It is one of the best sites for searching the titles of all animes. In case of any trouble with accessing, there are many alternatives in which users can go through.

Best Alternative Sites of SoulAnime

Here we have provided you with the best sites which you can use as the alternative of SoulAnime. Here we go with the list.

1. KissAnime

KissAnime website is considered as the king of all other websites where well developed and sophisticated features are present on this website. The website has a lot of menu options and recent updates of KissManga made website accessing much easier. The navigation features of the websites are easy to redirect into the new page. The website interface is user-friendly and has a compatible platform. There is a huge support-team and are responded in a friendly manner for every query.

2. Masterani.Me

Master anime website which is considered as a master’s website where all streams of animes and web series are viewed on a single website. It notifies the user’s about all the upcoming animes and recently released animes and regular updates of the website. The website has global trending al over the world. It has different categories of genre, action, drama, scientific, fiction types of animes. Users can browse the website name as Masterani.me, master anime, and Masterone.anime, and so on.

3. KissCartoon

Kiss cartoon website is a well-known website for all types of animes, especially cartoons. The website makes available for all types of cartoons that all the kids and adults are fond of. The website interface is very easy to use and it consists of Hd graphical pictures. There are motion pictures and descriptions that attract every kid to access. For the people who love cartoons and to have fun with cartoons, the website becomes handy.

4. AinmePahe

Anime page is one of the most popular websites for the best popular and trending animes. The website itself has a well user-designed interface. The website has thumbnails and title name. over millions of users are downloading and using the website every day. The main feature of anime page website is it notifies the users when any new latest animes are uploaded to the users in a very short time. It has no legal issues in any of the regions.

5. CartoonCrazy

Cartoon crazy website allows users to watch all the cartoons at one platform. It has dubbed animes, classic animes, and new animes as well. The website has the option of selecting their genre and searching their favorite in the upright corner of the search bar. Virtual private networks(VPN) are useful for this website as an anti-software tool that will save the device from damages and to eradicate illegal content.

6. ChiaAnime

Chia-anime website is an anime platform where all types of animes are available from classic to new trending animes. The major motto of this website is to bring all the animes worldwide that too in a professional way. The origin of this website is japan and later updated versions are provided in some other countries. The website is capable of language selection and translation of languages from the Japanese language to English.

7. AnimeNova

The website anime nova is used to watch all the latest anime with high streaming HD quality. It has all dubbed movies with English subtitles. The website offers daily episodes of animes, web series, and Tv shows. The database of this website consists of a lot of stuff and views that can watch as many animes and shows as they want. In case of any missing content, users can go through Animenova.org

8. OtakuStream

Otaku stream is a popular website where it is most useful to watch the latest and fresh animes for free of cost. It is almost available in the user-preferred language and there is an option of translation. The website has a lot of visibility and has a user-preferred interface. The feature of easy navigation highlights the website much more. The website consists of some pirated content where ISP’s blockage is done. Therefore some mirror sites are developed to get rid of this problem.

9. AnimeUltima

Anime ultima website is one of the world’s best websites where all kinds of animes are available in one place. If the anime lovers need unlimited downloads with HD quality, the ultimate website is anime ultima. Some times due to pirated content, The website became down and all its functions are carried in animeultima.eu. the website redirects to unknown sites only when users granted permission for accessing through unknown sources.


AnimeHeros website is the popular website for animes where all latest and classic animes are available on the website. As all the links and videos are hosted by third party websites the contents if caused any damage then the actual websites are not responsible but the websites support the users and help to solve the issue. The website consists of all types of genres, news, action, comedy, and many more.

11. CartoonNetwork

Cartoon network channel and website is a well-known website for everyone. It is a fantasy place for kids which takes them to a home of many cartoons, Disneys, and much more. The website or channel is almost loved by every kid. It has animations, motion pictures, descriptions, and titles. It is completely free and does not have any official formalities like subscription or registrations it is also legal and safe.

12. AnimeFreakTV

Anime freak Tv is used to fin all animes, latest episodes, and web series with super high quality for free. The menu bar design is very intelligent and it is categorized into the latest animes, classics, moe, settings, queries and help etc. such an excellent interface is liked by any user. In this anime freak Tv, pop-up adds and lots of buffering made user frustrated and made them to search for another alternative. Although the website is legal and safe to use, some other countries are facing problems and developers are on the way to solve it every time.


As mentioned above thee websites are safe to use and some others may contain pirated content where the government does not agree to use the website. The government also banned this website in some paces. These piracy contented websites also redirect websites to illegal websites.

These websites consist of animes where there is graphical designs when compared to all other websites. Therefore it requires a special interface design. Therefore the interface is also designed in an easy manner and complexity is almost reduced and search, navigation is made much easier. All the websites are redirected to external websites where the links are provided by external affiliated third parties.

These affiliated third parties take to the users to the pages of illegal websites. These are not only illegal to watch but also it contains a malicious virus that damage the device while accessing the content with those devices. Using anti-software tools can make this problem solve. With all these drawbacks also the websites provide much more entertainment and are knowledge sources to kids and adults as well.