Top 10 Tubi Alternatives For Free Streaming

Tubi TV is a website providing free streaming where the collections of popular TV shows and many movies are available for the users. This site provides high-quality shows to the users that too absolutely free of cost. Here you can also create a list of the content that you want to watch later.

You only need to have a high-speed network connection to enjoy online streaming on this site. Although the site has been blocked due to some copyright issues, don’t panic, there is a solution for this too. Many other similar alternatives are available on the Internet which you can use however you want.

All those sites provide the best facilities.  So you can definitely enjoy it without missing your favorite shows. If you are unable to access the Tubi TV site, you can visit its other similar alternatives.

Top 10 Tubi Alternatives

1. Vumoo

Almost every streaming user will be aware of Vumoo Alternative. This is a very popular and most used online streaming site. There are huge collections of films, T.V. shows, and episodes available here, through which you can get and enjoy the contents you want. The collections of available episodes are structured by each episode to make it easy for the users to access.

You can also provide ratings to the shows from here. Of course, you can download HD movies online on this for free. Thousands of Hollywood movies and TV Shows are available on the website. There are various other foreign movies like Korean, Chinese, Japanese available here. Also many animated films and series are available. This is an illegal HD movie downloading website.

However, there is no criminal charge on its developer as of now because it uses different URLs, which has saved the site from the clutches of the authorities. Vumoo is also famous for leaking movies.  Here you can also find streaming of recently released movies.

2. Crackle

Crackle is one of the well-known and one of the favorite websites of the people which was launched in the market for online streaming in 2012. It is a  well-developed online video streaming platform that is capable of providing the same features as popular streaming sites like Netflix. Here you can get the streaming of the content you want.

The site’s library has a huge collection of movies and T.V. shows that you can choose from category-wise.You can watch Hollywood movies for free on crackle. The site is available in various genres which include horror, comedy, crime,  drama, and action. This site is owned by Chicken soup for soul entertainment.

In 2006, It was bought by Sony Pictures. This is a content piracy website.  If for some reason you are unable to access the site don’t worry, there are many other great alternatives available that you can use.

3. Couch Tuner

Couch Tuner is a free online streaming website in which you can access original TV shows and movies. This site is counted as a popular and eligible site. On this, you can also get various types of online series. People from all over the world get access to various Latest, Hits & Classic Blockbuster Shows & Movies on it.

All the services on the site are provided very well and with speed. The user interface of the site is normal, it is not that good but you can discover your favorite content using the search bar. On the site, the user gets several servers so that the user can enjoy television without any problems and hassle.

The site’s service has been blocked in some areas while it hasn’t been updated in some places. For this, the facility of various latest alternatives of the site has been provided so that you do not have to kill the desire of your mind.

4. The Watch Series

The watch series provides you a collection of TV shows online and this site provides the service of streaming free online series. The site provides the fastest service to watch TV Shows & Series. Here the contents are updated regularly. If you are interested in the Latest New Release Movies then a huge collection of these has been made available here.

More than thousands of materials are available on the site, that too in different languages. Also, a database of different genres of movies is provided. You can also download any content. The service of the site is banned in many areas, but due to different URLs and domains, people are using its similar alternatives. The site can be browsed from any region using a VPN service.

5. Yidio

If you are fond of online video streaming then Yidio is a better option for you which was founded in 2008. Here you can find your loving content. All the series of Movies and TV Shows on the site are well listed category wise. So that it is easy for the users to choose the content. The material is available in different styles/genres on the site which you can easily choose from.

You only need a high-speed internet connection to access the site and enjoy the entertainment. You can watch full episodes for free. The site collects content from various popular subscription-based streaming providers and allows users to view the interface on its site. This is a universal search engine. The site has its own separate Android application also available.

6. Popcornflix

It is a huge platform that provides ad-supported free on-demand streaming video service which was founded in July 2020. A dense collection of entertainment is provided here by use of Android, tablet, laptop.

And T.V. Various genres of televisions are provided on the site which includes Science-Fiction, Romance, Thriller, Horror Comedy, Drama, Family, Originals and Most Popular, etc. Popcornflix android app is also available in the market which you can download for free. Before getting a streaming service you need to sign up here.

7. Snag Films

Snag Films is one of the good alternatives to Tubi T.V. which was established by Ted Leonsis in July 2008. The specialty of the site is its database of old movies. Another feature of this is that all the old movies available on it are verified. This expressly means that all the content listed on the site is provided on the same domain forever.

The advantage of this is that you will not have to search for the mirror site.  This site used to host piracy content, due to which it was banned. If it is not working in your area also then there are other alternatives available which you can use. It hosts ad-supported films. More than 5000 content is available in its library.

8. Pluto T.V

It is another alternative to Tubi TV. You can access Pluto TV for video streaming. This is a place where T.V. shows are played online. Here you can watch more than 200 live channels for absolutely free. It is T.V. that provides video on demand and television streaming services. Pluto was founded by Nick Group in 2013.

You can use this TV only in the presence of an internet connection. This is Ad-Supported Online TV. You can download its application on your Android. Apart from this, here you can get the streaming of your favorite TV shows. Pluto TV is currently blocked in several locations. But there are other alternatives also available which you can use anywhere and anytime.

9. Watch Series

Watch Series is a Video On Demand website where you get a host of huge collections of all the Latest, Popular, Hits TV Shows. This is a great option for television enthusiasts. Here you get free streaming, that too with zero ads. Users can download as well as watch full series and episodes online in HD quality. The interface of the site is very attractive and amazing and it is very well designed.

The structure of its pages is quite easy and optimized for the users. Another feature of the site is that it updates the latest movies and TV shows from time to time.  The contents are well organized in the category and adjusted very neatly.

10. Viewster

Viewster is an online streaming service providing a platform that was created in 2007. It provides its services all over the world. Viewster is a free Android app for watching Movies, TV Shows, and Anime. Users can watch and download online content here.

To take advantage of the entertainment you need to sign up or sign in here. A lot of popular and latest anime are available on it. Which users can stream. These films and T.V. shows are available in German, French and Spanish languages. You can find more than a thousand materials here.  Users can also visit Viewster site.


Almost everyone is addicted to entertainment. To fulfill these requirements, various types of websites and apps have been provided on the Internet, using which you are able to access the television you want. One of these various entertainment websites is Tubi TV.

Tubi TV has been blocked for providing copyrighted content but it is available in various alternative markets.  Which provides good services. Most of these sites are completely free, while some require a subscription plan. Some alternatives also have apps. You will definitely like the services provided on these. You can access the services of these sites using a VPN service.