Why is the Super Bowl Ball So Dark

The Super Bowl, an event eagerly anticipated by football fans worldwide, captivates audiences with its electrifying atmosphere, thrilling gameplay, and iconic imagery.

One element that often sparks curiosity and speculation is the appearance of the Super Bowl football, notably darker than the standard football seen in regular-season games.

In this comprehensive analysis, we’ll delve into the reasons behind the Super Bowl ball’s distinct dark hue, exploring the factors contributing to its unique appearance and significance within the game.

Why is the Super Bowl Ball So Dark

The Dark Super Bowl Football: A Visual Anomaly

One of the most striking features of the Super Bowl football is its noticeably darker coloration compared to the standard football used in regular-season games.

This visual anomaly has prompted questions and speculation among fans, prompting a closer examination of the factors influencing the ball’s appearance.

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Understanding the Materials and Manufacturing Process

To understand why the Super Bowl ball is so dark, it’s essential to consider the materials and manufacturing process involved in its production.

Unlike traditional leather footballs used in regular-season games, the Super Bowl ball is typically made from synthetic materials, such as composite leather or rubber.

Composite Leather Composition

Composite leather footballs, commonly used in high-profile games like the Super Bowl, are constructed from a combination of synthetic materials and genuine leather.

While the outer layer may resemble traditional leather, the underlying composition often includes synthetic components that contribute to the ball’s durability, consistency, and performance characteristics.

Rubberized Coating

In addition to composite leather, the Super Bowl football may feature a rubberized coating or treatment applied to the surface. This coating serves multiple purposes, including enhancing grip, durability, and weather resistance, while also contributing to the ball’s distinct dark appearance.

The So Dark Football of the Super Bowl: How Did They Do It?

Why is the Super Bowl football so dark, and how can I get my store-bought football to look like it? Here are the eight steps you need to take.

1. Brush it in a Clockwise Motion

Brushing the ball vigorously is the first step in making a store-bought football look like a Super Bowl football.

If you want the best outcome, you need to follow a specific format. Brush it in a clockwise motion to begin, then in an anticlockwise one, then upward, and lastly downward. The leather ingredient mixture is widely available from many manufacturers.

A similar product is available for purchase from any number of vendors. By brushing the ball, the leather formula can be distributed uniformly across the ball’s surface. Brushing the ball improves its grip, which is especially useful when playing football.

2. Spray and the Conditioner

The tack spray and the conditioner are two separate items that must be used for this phase. What we call “tack” is the stitching that keeps the ball’s leather from unravelling. There is a set proportion between the two goods that must be adhered to.

Blend the tack spray, which comes in a single portion, with two parts of the conditioner. The tack spray is there to help the conditioner stay put on the leather after being sprayed on. Deflating the ball to a pressure of 8 psi facilitates Step 2’s conditioner’s absorption into the leather.

3. Pint and Dry for About Five Minutes.

A glove is needed for this procedure. Put it on and use it to evenly coat the football with the tack spray and conditioner. Once you are certain that the ball is evenly and thoroughly covered with the mixture, let it aside to dry for about five minutes.

As soon as that is done, double-check to see if the layers are even. Use the brush to level things out if necessary.

4. Use a Heat Gun or a Blow Dryer

The final stage in the hair care routine is to dry it to perfection after you’ve completed the first three steps of cleansing, applied the conditioner, and rinsed. For this, you can use a heat gun or a blow dryer, whichever is most convenient.

Make sure the tools are at least 5 inches away from the ball before you start drying out the conditioner. The conditioner is being slowly absorbed into the leather, thus the expression “drying it out” may not be entirely accurate.

Some care must be used while employing one of the aforementioned drying methods.
Be careful not to overheat any one area for an extended period of time while applying the heat. Keep moving in a particular way to ensure that the entire football dries out.

Focus the heat on one area and hold it there for a short time. Do not use it at its maximum temperature in an attempt to hasten the procedure.

5. After being Blow-Dried, the Ball Takes on a Slightly More Adhesive Texture.

It’s time for another layering after you’ve dried off the conditioner. If you don’t have a brush handy, a towel will do. If you’ve ever pondered why the Super Bowl is played at night, this is your answer.

In the near future, you will be astounded by how easily that is accomplished on your own. A second application of conditioner causes the leather to darken to the shade of a Super Bowl football. As the leather’s colour shifts, it becomes more porous and able to soak up water.

6. Use Some Football Mud.

Here’s where you’ll want to use some football mud. There is a wide variety of football mud available for purchase online. Creating a slurry out of the “Rubbing Mud” is as simple as adding water to it.

No extremes in thickness or thinness are desirable. Smear this concoction all over the football until it is a uniform thin layer.

7. Avoid Getting Mud in the Lace Holes

it will prevent the laces from closing. You shouldn’t put on so much that the ball’s branding becomes buried in the coating.

It should be left on the ball for about an hour to dry. When selecting mud for your football, keep in mind that it must be “slit-based.” The “slit-based” muds are optimal because they were created specifically for footballs.

8. Super Bowl Football is So Dark

The final action is to give the ball one last brushing. To prevent the mud from falling off the ball, brush it into it instead. Although the Super Bowl football is quite dark, your own creation looks dull in comparison. Hey!!

C’mon, don’t cry! Inflate the ball to “13psi” and apply a thin layer of conditioner. As you can now clearly see, the distinction is no longer there.

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In Concluding

In light of the pitch blackness of the Super Bowl football, it’s only natural for any football fan to desire the same.

Now, if you follow the advice above, you can get your football a suitably dark colour. Keeping the desired colour for a longer time can be accomplished by doing things like brushing it frequently, using conditioner, and spraying it with tack.