5 Best Workout Apps for Fitness, Exercise Routines {Men and Women}

With Workout Apps, over the past few years with the boom of the online media platforms people have become conscious about the image they portray of themselves in front of others. A healthy lifestyle is must for people these days; helps them show off their ideal body type be it toned or built up and if you are still in the process of gaining your perfect body goals, I’ve got the right apps for you. Not everybody has got the luxury time to work out at the Gym.

Best Workout Apps for Fitness, Exercise Routines {Men and Women}

5 Best Workout Apps of 2020 According to Trainers

Workout Apps are user friendly, can be done in the comfort of one’s own place without using any fancy equipments and they are most importantly free.

1. 30 Day Fitness Challenges

None Workout Apps has revived such good user reviews as this app. 30 Day Fitness Challenges is a great app if you want to try something short term like thirty days.

This app allows the user to gradually get accustomed to the workout pace and this app comes with three user options to choose from; whether they want to start off from the easy level and then gradually move onto the hard level or jump start from the extreme level.

2. Lose Weight in 30 Days

It is another one of best Workout Apps especially when you’re planning on to lose weight. This app similar to the one mentioned above comes with a thirty days plan to kick start your fitness journey.

This one comes equipped with a meal plan which enables the user to look after whatever they eat. As one can lose a lot of excess weight just by eating clean, by that I mean a healthy diet followed by a strict routine. This app also contains some light facial and body stretches which helps one to tone up.

3. 7 Minute Workout

To all those out there who do don’t get a dime of the day to spend on these extra curricular activities, I’ve got the right apps for you. This is a seven minutes workout app which can be done at any time of the day to burn out that extra body fat you’ve got.

It’s plain and easy to use and you can notice the significant changes in your body in days with the proper meal plan.  This one is equipped with scientifically proven workouts to assist weight loss and improve cardiovascular function.

4. Strava: Track Running, Cycling & Swimming

If you’re not one of those who can commit to regular workout sessions then this app might just be it for you. This app works like a great dairy for all the exercises that you do and helps keep track of them and share them as well.

To give you an extra lift off this app comes up with training challenges that pushes your limits and compete with others as well.

5. 8Fit Workouts & Meal Planner

Like other efficient workout apps this too comes with great personalized workouts, step by step guidance, customized meal plans. But what sets apart this app from other workout apps is that it is fully loaded with 800+ delicious but healthy recipes. They’re great for the taste buds as well as your body.

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These are some of the workout apps I’ve hand picked personally. Regular gym visits is not everyone’s cup of tea and even if it is, the ticking time does not give them the luxury to do so. One needn’t add ‘trying to be healthy’ to their daily chore anymore and instead adopt it as their lifestyle, something they can commit to for long term without putting a hole through one’s pocket.

You can be a teenager trying to get that perfect summer body, a working mama trying to shed off that baby fat or someone concerned about your health in general; you are one step away from your ideal body.