Top 7 Submovies Alternative

Who doesn’t love movies? I bet there’s no one, who does not crave for the movie. With advancements in technology, we got hold of movies, series, and entertaining media just right into our pockets! Many sites and apps have already been made and many new ones are still coming, with thousands and hundreds of movies and series available in it! However, with apps and sites there come huge subscriptions.

Almost every app available needs a subscription to watch or download movies and series. Some subscriptions are not even affordable to everyone! But we are available to solve this irritating subscription and streaming problem, by providing an amazing solution, or better say solutions!

So, Here are 7 best submovies alternatives that will provide you a subscription-free life! Bingo, a life with no streaming! So, let’s say this to the subscription-relating apps ,”Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn.” Gone with the Wind (1939)

Top 7 Submovies Alternative

1. Putlocker

This is a website in which you will be able to watch FILMS, television series and entertainment media for free. This site was originated in 2011 in UK. It contains action, animation, fantasy, horror, etc and is used by many countries like French Korea China etc. It has been ranked among 250 most visited websites worldwide and has millions of daily viewers.

2. Movie4K

It is considered as a video directive for television program and films. It is available in German, English, Russian, German, French, Turkish and Japanese.

The method of watching this is firstly click on the prominent that button to purchase a discounted subscription plan then choose a plan thirdly create an account then select a payment method and at last download the right nord VPN client for your operating system and install it final you are ready to launch the client and login.

3. Fmovies

It is considered as one of the best site to watch movies for free it has over 20,000 movies it also allows user to stream or download movies for free it was launched in 2016 and is available worldwide.


It is a file that has been streaming websites that allows its users to watch films for free. It was originated in Vietnam and is available worldwide. This is a very famous site and has around 98 million users. It has been named as the “most popular illegal site” in 2018.

5. AZMovies

It is the best site where you can watch online source and even download it. It contains A-Z all movies in it. It is an illegal site that has the capacity to leak new movies within hours.

6. Yesmovies 

It is a very mobile friendly site. Here you can watch movies, documentaries and shows online in HD qualities. It is an illegal site and source many pirated movies. It contains over 50,000 free shows and movies. It was launched in 2016 and gained popularity very easily.

7. Iooz

It is an illegal streaming piracy website. It is a mixture of both yesmovies and 123movies, as it provides thousands and hundreds of movie that to in HD quality. This site is considered as the trustworthy site. Apart from being a reliable site it is also a notorious site that operates under various domains to avoid being traced.


Looking for what now, I have done my part, remaining is yours! now just go to any of this, watch your favourite movie, series and chill!I hope you got what you want! Say no to every movie cravings! And yes, you can thank me later!