10 Best Alternative to Rainierland for Watching Movie Online

Movie and TV Series are one of the great things to do when one is traveling, or they are free or want to spend some time entertaining themselves. Rainierland is a website that provides free movie shows and series for the user. We observed many hits on this site. Apart from this, it contains entertainment of every genre and category, which makes it all the way great and excellent. So being one of its user it gives you all the benefits for all entertainment purpose.

Alternative to Rainierland for Watching Movie Online

But being so nice and content worthy it also violates all the regularity and terms and condition of all the Film Boards. But the user is very careful and is finding ways to how they can watch it.

10 Best Alternatives to Rainierland for Watching Movie Online

Now many don’t know about Renierland unless many websites are better than it or that have an easy user interface and categories for entertainment.

So, there are 10 sites like Renierland that compete with it and are a great source of entertainment, below is the list has a look at it and enjoy.

Let’s start.

1. Putlocker

Firstly, this website can be called one in a million websites among  Cinephilla (someone addicted to movies). It has a huge collection of web shows and movies. You can directly access them from the homepage rather than browsing in its category section.

The collection of movies is so huge that it should be placed top among all other sites. It regularly gets new updates from the developers to maintain a seamless experience and UI.

2. HubMovie

This site is made in order to be simple and fastest in the field allowing you to stream all genres of movies in high quality. The site also hosts various entertainment shows besides its movies streaming with the latest updates and announcement of shows so one can’t miss it.

3. FMovies

With allowing different qualities for downloading and streaming of movies, this website deserves to be the addition of this list and why not when it provides the same work as that of Renierland, so it can also act as its replacement.

This website hosts movies and series in different languages. There are various extensions like Fmovies.io and Fmovies.is. These are used when difficulties are faced during access of the website.


  • The site provides many movies and TV series.
  •  Fewer ads hence less disturbed surfing.

4. Geeker

This website keeps a vast collection of PDFs, Ebooks, Movies, Music, etc. You can also replace this for Renierland as it is fully featured with different genres and categories of entertainment.

Moreover, it also provides downloading of shows with ease. Geeker allows exploring of TV shows and PDF’s. Allows installing and downloading of music to the fullest with the availability of HD movies and series.

5. XMovies8

Don’t go In its name as it suggests. It doesn’t post anything adult.

It is an excellent alternative for Renierland, which has a vast database of movies and series. The streaming and downloading features of this site are confusion-free and straightforward, which makes it more loveable by its users.

From horror to thriller to comedy, it covers all the genres of entertainment. With the capacity of its unique search feature, it allows searching movies by the name of the director, actor, actress, etc. the movies can be found with ease. Isn’t is interesting?

The site has been made so understanding that it shows movies and series which are in trend and hot.

6. Movie Flixter

With no hassles of signing up and creating an account, this website is one of the ideal sites to stream movies and TV series with ease along with free access to HD quality content without any extra fee and charges. The movies are directly viewed after the user is redirected to the page where the movie has to be viewed.

7. New Movies

The website is fully loaded with the latest movies, similar to Renierland. We can view all videos in supreme and HD quality.

Also, with movies, it provides HD quality TV series, and the UI is too hassle-free and straightforward for anyone to use it.

It has an ad-free streaming feature. It provides all the entertainment categories like Action, Romance, Kids, Thriller, Comedy, etc.

8. WatchFree

Without any cost and charges, the website is just like its name; it provides free content for users, which also beats Renierland.

Importantly, it is best in quality movies and series with all the entertainment genres and categories. Easy UI makes it less confusion website.

Again just like MovieFlixter, it doesn’t require you to create an account or sign up.

9. House Movie

This website is a photocopy or twin of Renierland as its UI is as same as that of Renierland, and it provides super good quality contents which make it an addition to the list, or we can say like Chris Jericho-“You Just Made The List.” This site too hosts the movies and quality TV series, with regular updates of the site, which makes its experience seamless and easy.

The site is just easy in its kind just click and watch. Also, this site shows some of the reviews of shows and series.

10. MovieWatcher

With all its quality stuff the website is doing great in the field which directly gives competition to Renierland.

The main features of these sites are that it keeps the user updated with its notifications about the movies and series so that they can’t miss it. It contains all the genres, just like other sites of entertainment, with the feature of searchability.

Wrapping Up

There are many sites apart from those mentioned above on the internet and as good as Renierland. Many websites are dangerous and are affecting users’ data, so one thing the user has to keep in mind that he/she should have to be very careful while using it.

Furthermore, they all provide genuine service but the thing is that the user chooses it according to their ease. It offers free of cost service, HD quality content, etc.

So these were the sites where you can enjoy all the quality content. Hope you liked it.