5 Best ‘VPNs’ for 2024

One of the nicest aspects of living in a digital world is the availability of free public Wi-Fi. We’ve all done it, whether in a cafe, a library, or a hotel.

However, nothing is ever truly free. When you use an open network, the risk of your personal information being stolen is always present. This is where virtual private networks (VPNs) come into play.


A solid VPN will not only encrypt and secure your connection, but it will also disguise your IP address, allowing you to browse anonymously. It also unblocks banned websites expertly, allowing you to view content from all around the world.

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 Top 5 VPNs for 2024

We’ve compiled a list of the best VPNs for 2021, so make sure to read all the way to the bottom to pick the one that’s right for you.

1. ExpressVPN (Virtual Private Network)

It’s number one for a reason: it’s quick, dependable, and secure, and it runs flawlessly on all devices. It unblocks major streaming sites like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, and others on a regular basis so you can access a broad library. P2P traffic is supported, thus you can torrent safely.

It supports a wide range of connection protocols, including the industry-standard OpenVPN. With its powerful AlES-256 encryption and obfuscation technology, it can even bypass China’s strict web censorship.

ExpressVPN includes split tunnelling, which allows you to utilise the private and public networks at the same time, which makes things a lot easier. In addition, there’s a kill switch!

It has a wonderful customer service team that is constantly available, and it is easily the most recommended VPN out there, despite the fact that you can only use it on 5 devices at a time. It’s a little pricey at $6.67 each month for a 15-month term, but it’s well worth it!

2. NordVPN 

Although it is less expensive than ExpressVPN, it provides nearly identical features, making it one of the most popular VPNs in the world. Do you want to be able to browse Netflix libraries from several countries? You figured it out! If you use their Smart DNS tool, it can even unblock Hulu.

It uses the same AES-256 encryption as ExpressVPN to ensure that your data is as secure as possible. CyberSec, a built-in ad blocker, is also included.

But what if your operating system is Linux? Don’t worry, it works just as well on Windows as it does on Mac. It’s also fantastic for torrenting, thanks to its hundreds of P2P servers and no-log policy.

But the finest feature is that it encrypts your data twice, on two different servers! So, if you value your privacy, this is for you. This one is ideal for anyone who has to overcome censorship concerns of any kind!

It is highly fast, safe, and convenient, with speed losses as low as 1%, RAM-based servers, and 5,453 servers. In terms of cost, a yearly package costs only $6.99 or $3.99 each month, which seems like a terrific deal!

3. CyberGhost

This is for you if you’re like me and just use VPNs to stream foreign media. A user-friendly VPN that is easy to use, economical, and dependable. It’s a fantastic streaming choice.

In terms of technology, it employs AES-256 encryption. Furthermore, because it is from a Romanian company with no data retention rules, it ensures that none of your information is logged and that you can browse the web anonymously.

Netflix, HBO, YouTube, and other services are unblocked quickly thanks to specially tuned servers. Apps are available for Windows, Mac OS X, Android, and iOS.

It’s also compatible with the Fire TV Stick, Smart TVs, Linux, and routers. Furthermore, the Smart DNS feature allows you to use it on Apple TV, PlayStation, and Xbox as well!

It is quite affordable and worthwhile, as it allows you to connect to seven devices with unlimited data for $5.99, $3.69, or $2.75 for two to three years.

When it comes to customer care, most VPNs are lacking, however CyberGhost is an exception. With a live chat option available 24 hours a day, a comprehensive blog, and FAQs, you’ll be able to receive help promptly.

4. IPVanish

This is for you if you have a Firestick or Kodi. With secure networking, lightning-fast connections, over 40,000 servers in 75 locations, and split tunnelling, IPVanish is difficult to ignore when it comes to the best of the best.

It uses AES 256 encryption and also supports OpenVPN and IKEv2. It’s commendable because it’s absolutely zero-logs, despite being from the United States, which is infamous for its lack of privacy.

While speeds decline while connecting from outside the country, download and upload speeds are amazing on neighbouring servers, with only a 10% drop in download speed.

There are apps for iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac, as well as an APK file for Android devices that do not have access to the Google Play Store. You can’t use it on your game consoles because it doesn’t have a Smart DNS function.

However, it is not recommended for streaming because it has problems getting over harsh site filters and does not provide access to many international libraries.

5. PrivateVPN

PrivateVPN is a basic but effective choice that does exactly what it says on the tin. It places a premium on your anonymity and privacy.

Apart from having a no-logs policy, complete torrent support, rigorous security, and legitimate connections, it also has a Stealth Mode, which is useful for getting through censorship, even in China.

On its approved servers, you can access and watch Netflix, Hulu, ABC, and other services, as well as adjust your settings. It maintains fast speeds and stable connections with 150+ servers in 60 different countries. Despite the modest server network, it consistently provides fast speeds.

It uses AES 256-bit encryption and also supports OpenVPN with UDP/TCP, L2TP, IPsec, PPTP, and IKEv2. It is compatible with Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS, as well as Linux, compatible routers, and Kodi.

You can get a 7-day free trial and a 30-day money-back guarantee on all subscriptions if you’re not satisfied, in addition to affordable pricing and savings on long-term plans.

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So now you know what virtual private networks are, what they’re used for, and what makes a good VPN. I hope you can find the finest one for you and keep anonymous while enjoying top-notch security and content from all around the world.