Easy Ways To Get Free PSN Codes in 2020 {Easy Ways}

Free PSN Codes: PSN stands for “PlayStation Network“. It is a digital media entertainment service provided by Sony Interactive Entertainment. PlayStation has emerged as a popular gaming brand in the past few years.

It comprises an online virtual market, called the PlayStation Store, which allows the purchase and download of games and various forms of multimedia, a subscription based online service known as PlayStation Plus.

Free PSN Codes In 2019

You can get a huge variety of games on PlayStation. The PlayStation Store has downloadable content available which includes full games, themes and game trailers and movie trailers.

What are PSN Codes?

PSN codes are used to add funds to the PlayStation Network Wallet. You need these funds buy stuff from the PlayStation Store.  Every gamer must know how to get free PSN codes because not every gamer can buy different games each month. So, Check out the below mentioned ways and get free PSN codes easily. These ways are tested and legal so try them without any worries!

Method 1 – Using PlayStation’s Official Network

This is the most reliable method. Go to the PlayStation official page and register or sign up for PSN Plus Membership Trial. You’ll get access to the Plus services and all its perks for a period of 14 days. But for this, you’ll have to give your credit card details.

Free PSN Codes

PS – Remember to discontinue the service after the 14 day period or an amount will be charged from your credit card for the services that will be rendered.

Method 2 – Swagbucks & MyPoints

Swagbucks & MyPoints are both online platforms where you can get free PSN codes just by performing some simple and easy tasks such as filling up surveys, playing games, watching videos, participating in daily polls, searching the web, etc.

Get Free PSN Codes

You perform these tasks and in return you get points. Once you’ve got enough points, you can get them exchanged for PSN codes. You can also invite your friends and family through the referral links to earn points.

These sites are authentic and if you complete tasks, you are certain to get points. Also, you don’t have to submit any kind of information regarding your payment details in any of these websites. This method is also listed in Amazon Gift Cards, Steam Wallet Codes and Google Play Codes.

Method 3 – Free PSN Code Giveaway Websites

Some of the YouTube channels and websites do giveaways after regular intervals. Make sure you participate in all of these giveaways. All you need to do is, subscribe to their channel or follow their page, like and comment on their posts and it’s done. They get their promotion and you get your free PSN codes.

If you want to increase your chance of winning the code, follow the giveaways hosted by gaming channels on YouTube. Check out such sites on special occasions and holidays like Black Friday Sale, Thanksgiving, Christmas and even New Year. 

They usually have a giveaway on festivals. Giveaways only give a chance to a few people. So you might not always get free codes. But, you need to keep on trying and if you follow all the steps required, you have a great chance of winning the giveaway contests.

Method 4 – Exchanging Codes on Online Platforms

Sometimes, people might get some gift cards, game codes and voucher codes that they can’t use or don’t want to use. So they might post these unwanted codes and gift cards on a community website or another online platform for an exchange.

Earn Free PSN Codes

Here, you can ask someone for free PSN codes and in exchange give something that you don’t want like an iTunes gift card or an Amazon voucher. Two websites where such exchange happens are mentioned below:

  1. https://www.cardcash.com/
  2. https://www.raise.com/

Method 5 – Free PSN Codes List – 2020

Below is the list of free PSN codes for 2020. Use these following unused PSN codes to get some stuff on the PlayStation Store easily without spending any amount of money.


How to Redeem These Free PSN Codes

I’ve told you all the methods through which you can earn the PSN codes. Now after you’ve earned your free PlayStation codes, you need know how to redeem them on the official website. Following are the steps to redeem the codes easily.

Redeem Free PSN Codes

Step 1 – Go to the PlayStation website and select on PlayStation network settings. Choose Account Information from the network.

Step 2 – Click on your PlayStation wallet and select ‘Add Funds’ and press the X Key. From there, choose the Redeem Code.

Step 3 – Now enter one of the codes you earned using the above methods and then proceed further. Please enter the code carefully. Press Enter. Now wait for some time. The amount carried by the code will get credited to your account directly.

Watch out for Fake Websites and Generator Scams!

You should never fall for websites which offer free PSN codes using a PSN Generator. Such things are absolutely fake. Such websites look very convincing at first but you need to be careful and keep your mind open. They also have fake chat-boxes with robots, fake comments and fake reviews on such platforms.

The fraudsters behind these websites might end up hacking your PlayStation server. So it’s better to stay away from such Generator scams. Even the PlayStation Officials have strictly guided their users to avoid such websites.

Last Words…

Now that you know how to get the PSN codes for free, ignite the gaming enthusiast in you and start collecting these codes so that you get a new PlayStation game every month. Get a different gaming experience with every different game.

Keep on playing these games to become a pro in them. Take advantage of your PlayStation console to the fullest. But like I said, beware of the scams because they might land you in trouble. Happy gaming, peeps!