15 Legit Ways to Get Free ‘Amazon Gift Cards’ in 2024

Aren’t we always looking for ways to improve our bottom line? And one way to do that or we do that is too never pay full price and, to take advantage of free cards or credits.

Thereby, learning how to earn Free Amazon Gifts Cards will surely help you to pay for things for free. Also, it is quite easy to earn free Amazon Gift Cards.

Free Amazon Gifts Cards

Here, in this article, we’ve covered some of the easiest ways that you can choose and earn free Amazon Gift Cards.

The ways we’ve listed in this article are entirely legit and don’t require much work at all; they either involve downloading some website sponsored application or watch some video etc.

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How to Earn Free Amazon Gift Cards and Redeem Instantly?

Below is the list of all possible ways that you can follow to earn free amazon gift cards.

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Method 1 – Amazon Gift Card Codes List 2020 (Updated Weekly)

Here is a list of free or unused Amazon Gift Card Codes that you can use to purchase stuff from Amazon:


Method 1 – Amazon Trade-in

By using Amazon Trade-in, you can earn free points or free Amazon gift cards by trading-in things or unused stuff just like Survey Spot.

Amazon Trade-in Get Paid

Things you can trade include cellphones, old laptops, tablets, video games, books, camera, etc. Even the items that you didn’t even buy from Amazon in the first place. This method can be used to upgrade your current device and get a new one from Amazon.

Method 2 – Amazon Promotions

Amazon Promotions is another excellent method that you can use to earn free points, all you have to do is subscribe your Email Id with Amazon promotions. In case you haven’t subscribed yet then I would suggest you do it soon.

Amazon Promotions

After subscribing you will receive promotional Emails from Amazon, thus if check your email account routinely or daily & stay updated then you will see that Amazon give the number of options to their customers to earn free gift cards.

So, if you already have something in your cart then congrats because you might make some money back. Also, you can check Amazon coupon websites to check for the latest available or ongoing cashback.

Method 3 – Pay Prizes

Pay Prizes is the most useful and recommended a website that you use & earn free points. Pay Prizes is a user-friendly website that offers several options so that their users can earn lots of free points and can exchange them to free Amazon Gift Cards.

Pay Prizes to Get Free Amzon Steam Google Xbox Gift Cards

On Pay Prizes website you can earn free points by simply completing few tasks such as downloading site sponsored applications or games, or by watching videos etc. as I said Pay Prizes is user friendly, website saves a lot of time of their users in getting and exchanging gift cards into more than 20 types of gift cards.

Method 4 – SwagBucks

SwagBucks is one of the best GPT, i.e., Get Paid To the website that offers several options and allows its users, to earn free points in the form of SwagBucks, i.e., like a currency of their website.

The number of options that they offer includes promotions on social media, watching website sponsored videos, downloading games or other applications.

SwagBucks Get Free Gift Cards and Cash online

You can either use SwagBucks website, or you can download SwagBucks app from the play store on your iPhone, Android Phone, or iPads or Tablets etc.

After earning your free points, you can exchange them to either Amazon Gift Cards or PayPal balance or Steam Gift Cards and much more. SwagBucks can also help you to earn Free PSN Codes, Free Steam Wallet Codes and Free Google Play Codes and Credit.

Method 5 – MyPoints

Like any other Free Amazon Gift Cards website, MyPoints also provide free points to their users by completing a number of simple tasks.

It includes watching website sponsored videos, or by downloading website sponsored applications or game, by reading emails or even by shopping online from their affiliated sites or apps.

MyPoints Get Free Amzon and Visa Gift Cards

You can earn as many points as you want and then can exchange them for free Amazon Gift Card or you can also use them to purchase.

Method 6 – Recycle Bank

Recycle Bank is one of the best websites and unique in its way, as they offer their users to earn free points educating their users about recycling. It includes watching various or site sponsored videos about how to recycle things or by reading multiple articles on recycling or about eco-friendly tricks or methods that you can follow and recycle much stuff.

This is a great initiative that I would advise you to follow if you are into go-green, environment lover, etc. Not just you can earn free points, but you can also earn some eco-friendly product or stuff made by eco-friendly startup companies.

Method 7 – Mechanical Turk

Mechanical Turk is a website that is owned by Amazon itself, and it is also known as mTurk. By using mTurk, you can easily make some money by completing a few tasks like any other websites we have so far talked about.

You can easily make money or free points by completing short tasks, and the rewards earned by you will be paid straight to your Amazon Account, which, you can use or spend later. Also, you can send the money straight into your bank account.

Apart from mTurk, there are a handful of websites also that allows users to earn free gift cards or free points by completing few surveys, you can either use these free gift cards to purchase goods from Amazon, or you can gift them to your friends and family also.

Method 8 – Opinion Outpost

“Opinion Outpost” the name of this website speaks for itself, i.e., opinion outpost allows their users to earn free points and gift cards by merely taking their feedbacks about various brands or you can say companies etc.

Opinion Outpost asks you to take some surveys on medicine, electronics, sports, politics, advertisements or even about what you had for dinner last night? Etc.

The amount of free points or gift cards you can earn from Opinion Outpost website directly depends upon the number of surveys you take. Thereby, the higher number of surveys you take or answer more will be your chance to earn extra free points which, you can later redeem to cash or Amazon gift cards.

Method 9 – My Survey

My Survey again is a website, or you can say online survey community, which allow earning free points by taking/ answering some surveys. My Surveys offer a number of surveys on different topics, with a payout around $0.50 to $1.25.

My Survey provides 10 points for taking a 5-minute survey, which also varies in length.

Method 10 – Survey Spot

Survey Spot works similar to My Survey, i.e., with the same path but only with a higher payout than the My Survey Website. One more thing is that you can also get free points or gift cards on a trading basis and then can change your reward points to Amazon Gift cards.

You might be thinking that if you have to trade things to earn free points, then how they are free? The thing is you are just trading things that aren’t useful for Amazon account, and in return, you will get free gift cards that you can use to purchase any goods from Amazon.

Apart from trade-in, you can also earn free points by answering several surveys and then you can exchange your free points to Amazon gift cards, PayPal balance, iTunes credits etc.

Method 12 – Card Pool

Cardpool is another trade-in site that allows you to earn free gifts by exchanging your unused stuff in return for Amazon Free Gift Cards. Cardpool website is straightforward to navigate and user-friendly.

You can earn free points by selling or buying gift cards and easily exchange them to Amazon Gift Cards or something specific like some fast-food card also.

You will be happy to know that Cardpool also offers hard cash for the gift cards to their users, using which you can directly purchase the Amazon Gift Card or any product/ goods from Amazon.

Method 13 – Gazelle

Gazelle website made its debut in the area of re-Commerce in the year 2007, this is a simple online trade-in website which you can use to sell your pre-owned or old device and can earn free points in return.

Also, you can buy a pre-owned or second-hand device from the Gazelle website. Gazelle website only sell certified pre-owned devices, and they inspect every pre-owned device before buying them; thus, Gazelle is a legit website that you can trust. You can change the free points you earned to free Amazon Gift Cards or PayPal balance also.

Method 14 – Coinstar

Coinstar is another best website, and it works like all those traditional services or vending machines in which we insert the coin and get something to eat, only in this case you will get cash.

On Coinstar, you can earn free points by doing simple tasks and then can exchange them all to Amazon Gift Card. By doing simple tasks, we mean trading; thereby, you can trade-in your old stuff, for which Coinstar website will reward you with free points that you exchange to Amazon Gift Cards.

Method 15 – Bing Rewards

Bing Rewards is the most straightforward website that you can use to earn free Amazon gift cards. All you have to do is register yourself with Bing Rewards, and they will reward you with free points every time you use Bing Rewards to search for something or as your searching browser.

Daily there is a limit of free points that you can earn and then exchange them to Amazon gift cards, and use them as per your choice.

How to Redeem Amazon Gift Cards?

The steps to how you can redeem your Amazon Gift Cards are pretty and are provided below:

Step 1 – Open your Amazon account on your device, then navigate to the Amazon Rewards section.

Step 2 – Then choose a Select Gift Card to the Account option, you will be asked to enter your free gift card code in a pop-up page.

Step 3 – Enter the code given on your Amazon Gift Card and then hit the verify button, you see on the screen.

Redeem Free Amazon Gift Cards

Step 4 – Once your Amazon Gift Card is verified, the amount such as $10 or $20 will be added to your Amazon account.

Step 5 – At last, you can use that amount to purchase Amazon goods from its online store.

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Last Words

So, these were then several simple and straightforward methods or ways that you can use to earn free Amazon Gift Cards by doing simple stuff. It includes watching online videos, or downloading website sponsored application or games, and you can also use the trade-in method to earn free Amazon Gift cards.