How To Get Free ‘Xbox Live Codes’ Easily

Getting  Free Xbox Live Codes is a tough task but not  with us. As we all know, Xbox is an immensely popular video gaming brand that has quickly captured second place in the gaming market.

This electronic game console was developed by Microsoft in 2001 and is headed by Phil Spencer. It has released three consoles in the sixth, seventh, and eighth generations. The first Xbox console sold over 24 million units as of May 2006.

In 2005, Xbox released its second console called ‘Xbox 360’ which reached over 77.2 million units sold worldwide as of April 2013. The latest Xbox console ‘Xbox One’ was released on November 22, 2013, in North America, as the successor of the Xbox 360.

Xbox has always received tough competition from Sony’s PlayStation and Nintendo’s Wii  but it remains consistent in making profits from its consoles.

Xbox Codes - Get Free Xbox Live Codes

What Is Xbox Live?

Xbox Live is an online service which comprises of an online virtual market, known as the Xbox Live Marketplace, where users purchase and download games and other forms of multimedia. It has over 40 million users worldwide.

But to purchase things from the Xbox Live Marketplace, you need Xbox Live Codes. The Xbox Gift Cards is a key to your entertainment and happiness. It consists of Xbox Live Codes which help you get access to all the top paid applications on Xbox Live.

These gift cards are available at prices like $10, $15, $25 and $50. You can purchase these Xbox Gift Cards from the official sites. You can also access and download Xbox applications like Xbox Games, Xbox videos, Xbox movies and update the applications using the Xbox Live Codes.

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What are the Features of Xbox Live Gold Membership?

Xbox Live Gold Membership is a paid service. But with the methods mentioned below, you can get it for free. The free Xbox Live Codes that you’ll earn will get you the Free Xbox Live Gold membership. And it’s completely worth it. With Xbox Gold, you become mighty.

1. With Gold, you can play online multiplayer with your buddies and other players all around the world for the ultimate fun. Be it cooperative or competitive game play, you’re gonna experience the best.

2. You get a free game every month. Yes, you heard that right. You’ll get upto $700 in free games for a whole year of membership.

3. You get exclusive discounts on all the Xbox games you like. With the gold membership, save upto 50-75% on your favorite Xbox games.

4. Make your own gaming network. Gold membership also gives you access to the Party system. This means you can play with your pals and make strategies online by using voice chat option. Now, isn’t that great?

Hence, every gamer must know how to get free Xbox Live Codes and here are 7 simple ways to do that.

Method 1: Microsoft Live Account Trial

Follow these steps and register for a Microsoft Live  Account to get free Xbox Live Codes.

1. Register for a new Xbox account and sign up for a Microsoft Live Account.

2. Go to the Subscription page and click on Gold Membership – One Month Free Trial.

3. Add a credit card to your account. Give the correct credit card details. Once the free trial is completed, you can opt out of the service before the paid subscription starts.

4. Click on the check boxes avail your free trial. Remember, You can avail Xbox Live Gold Membership offer only once.

Method 2: Bing Rewards

Bing is a web search engine. Sign up on Bing for free Xbox live gold membership codes. Now, you can regularly search on Bing to get credits. Once these credits reach around 120-130, you get 100 Microsoft points. However, there’s a limit to which you can earn credits per day which is 13.

Method 3: Reddit Giveaways

Reddit is another site where you can get free Xbox Live Codes. However, they are very few in number so you need to search for the valid Xbox live codes or you will end up having wrong Xbox gold codes. Never disclose your code to anyone. The below sites will help you get your free Xbox Live Codes.


 Method 4: YouTube Giveaways

YouTube is a great place to earn some free Xbox Live Codes. Some of the popular YouTube Channels and Tech Reviewers like MKBHD, UnboxTherapy often sponsor giveaways and contests for their audience.

You can get Xbox live memberships, Gift Cards and many other things. For example, Dutch site gives you free Xbox Live Codes in exchange for email addresses of users registering up.

Method 5: PointPrizes

PointPrizes is a platform where you have to perform some simple tasks like watching videos, filling surveys, giving feedbacks, signing newsletter, etc in exchange of points. After you earn these points, you can redeem free Xbox live Codes or Memberships on their website. The website is reliable and authentic. So, don’t worry.

Method 6: Competitions and Contests

On the Xbox 360 dashboard, there are several contests, competitions and promotions. To enter them, you’ll have to download Gamerpic. After downloading Gamerpic, enter the contests, do some promo stuff and get Xbox live code generator by the developers. All you need to have is patience.

Method 7: Activate Free Xbox Live Gold Trial Membership

If you have an Xbox Live account but haven’t yet made use of your Gold trial subscription, you can use it now. All you need to do is give your credit card details, some personal information and your trial gets activated.

But make sure you opt out of the service once your trial ends. If you have already used the gold trial membership, then you can opt for other methods to get Free Xbox Live Codes.

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Method 8: Free Xbox Live Trial Complementary with Games

There are some games on Xbox like FIFA, NHL, Halo which offer complementary free Xbox Live Trial for some time. You can find a variety of games that give you free Xbox Live Trial codes that lasts for 48 hours to 1 month depending on the offer. Thanks For read the Our article!