16 Legit Ways to Get ‘Free Google Play Codes’ and Credit

Welcome to our guide 16 legit ways to get free Google Play Codes and Credit. If you are an Android user, then you must be familiar with millions of paid and free apps that Google Play Store has to offer, which probably surpasses the number of apps available in Apple’s iTunes Store.

Most of the applications available on the Google Play Store are free of cost; however, you will often find that the most useful and unusual apps, as well as the games, are paid.

Of course, it’s quite annoying when you have millions of apps in your Mobile’s play store to use, but you can’t use them because they are paid.

Get Free Google Play Codes and Credit

If you also feel the same about paid applications and looking for ways to get free Google Play Codes & Credit, then don’t worry because here in this article, we are going to share some useful ways for you to use and get free Google Play Codes without any problem.

However, spending some money to use the premium features of your favourite application sounds reasonable as you get to unlock the premium features.

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Also, it is understandable for the developers to charge some amount for the applications that they have developed using their skills, and they should be credited. But the amount/ or the application charge with time becomes more than you might be willing to pay for.

Therefore, if as a user you find it unreasonable to pay such amount for just some application or if you couldn’t afford it, then you can use those paid applications by earning and gaining free Google Play gift cards, which you can further use to spend on your favourite apps.

Before we talk about ways that let you earn free Google Play Cards & Credit, let us first take a look at what Google Play gift card codes or credits are? And how they will help you?

What are Google Play Gift Card Codes & How They Work?

You may or may not be aware of Google Play Gift Cards or How they work? Well, Google Play cards are almost like any other card, i.e., Debit or Credit that we use for purchasing. Here, we use Google Play Gift cards to purchase applications that we want to use or run.

Google Play gift card codes or credits work like a coin system in games, i.e., like in games when you have sufficient coins, then you can buy any costume or any armour or extraordinary power, or you can use it to boost your power.

Similarly, when you have a sufficient amount of credits in the Google Play gift card, then you can use those credits to purchase an application, or you can use the credits to unlock a premium version.

You can also use them as gifts and give them to your family or your friends. Google Play Gift Codes or credits can be used for a long time as they never expire so, you can save them and can use them to buy any of your favourite apps.

You can either choose to buy Google Play Gift Cards online using your credit or debit card, or you can gain them.

How Get Free Google Play Codes?

So, now let us discuss the ways that you can use to earn Google Play Gift Card Codes. You can use the following number of ways to earn free Google Play gift cards.

Also, we have written about how you can earn free PSN codes, Steam wallet codes at no cost, free Robux, Roblox Music Codes and IDs and free Roblox Asset. We got a very positive response across the globe and that pushes us to write more.

Method 1 – Free Google Play Codes List (Updated Twice in A Week)

Below here we have attached a list of Google Play codes in 2019 and are free to use. You can check all Free Google Play Codes find the one which is working and redeem them to buy your favourite application on Google Play Store:


Method 2 – Google Opinion Rewards

Google Opinion Rewards is a Google-owned application that allows you to earn free points by merely completing a few surveys. Google Opinion Rewards application is a legit application & very easy to use.

All you have to do is register on the application, then fill and complete any survey sent to you by Google.

Free Google Play Codes and Credit

The survey generally, is comprised of questions regarding any game or on any general topic. After you complete the survey, Google Opinion Reward instantly deposits the credits in your Google Opinion rewards app’s account; you can earn up to $1 just by completing one survey.

The surveys can be sent weekly or once in two weeks. Another important thing is that Google does these surveys in partnership with third-party companies. Thus the surveys might be different than other surveys you might have answered.

the surveys from Google might ask you about your favourite sport or your opinion on some general topics etc. You can then redeem these points and buy any application of your choice from the Google Play Store.

Method 3 – Buy A Chromecast Device

As we have already mentioned, that every time you purchase a Google or Chromecast device, then, Google offers you a free Google Play gift card. Also, you can register your Chromecast device to check whether you are eligible or not.

The amount of Google Play Reward codes that the application offers might vary from $5 to $100; also, you will earn for each Chromecast device you register for.

Any Chromecast device that you purchase comes with a home button, which you can use to see any available offers. Exclusively Google is giving $6 on every Chromecast device.

Method 4 – Register Samsung Device

Well, you must be aware of the fact that Google offers free Google gift cards whenever you purchase any of the Google devices like Google Pixel or Google Home devices.

However, Samsung has also initiated this scheme nowadays, which means now you can earn free Google Play Gift Cards or points whenever you buy a Samsung Device also.

Register Samsung Device and Earn Samsung Google Play Credit

You can also get $25 Google Play Gift cards for a few specific devices. To see if you are eligible for this offer or not, you can use the following link: https://www.samsung.com/us/galaxy-owners/

Method 5 – PayPrizes

PayPrizes is a website that you can use to earn or gain an unlimited number of free codes not just of Google Play Gift Card but for other applications also such as Amazon, Airbnb, Bitcoin, iTunes, Netflix, etc.

PayPrizes give free codes to you as your reward of doing many little tasks they offer or by downloading a few applications they ask you to download.

Tasks we are talking about here can be anything such as they can ask you to download a specific app or you might have to watch few advertisements they show you, or they might ask you to complete a survey about any of the applications or ads.

Apart from the part of the task, you can also earn points by merely referring PayPrizes website to your friends and family. On PayPrizes, you can easily earn 1000-5000 points by completing a few tasks or by downloading any application.

Minimum 1000 points earned on PayPrizes will allow you to redeem $10 Google Play Gift Card, which you can further use to purchase your favourite app on Google Play Store free of cost.

Method 6 – Juno Wallet

Juno Wallet is the best application in its way that you can choose to earn free Google Play Gift Cards. The unique feature of the Juno Wallet application is that it allows its users to earn free points by making calls, and you will be rewarded with mystery bonus points/ or mystery rewards but, after getting one you will have to open it before it disappears and you lose your mystery rewards.

Like any other application Juno Wallet also lets its users earn free points by completing tasks as surveys by downloading website sponsored apps, games, or by watching videos as well.

You can also earn free points by referring Juno Wallet to your friends & family, and that too requires you to refer more & more people and use the application actively or like daily. You can always redeem your points to free Google Play Gift cards, and if you are not interested, then you can also choose to trade your free points for retail gift cards too.

Method 7 – GPlayReward

GPlayReward is a trusted and legit website which you can use to earn free Google Play Gift cards by completing offers or referring to friends or family and many other things.

GPlayReward lets you earn points by playing Spin & Win game, i.e., you can use GPlayReward’s spin the wheel the game to earn better points.

You can play the games offered on their website, complete their surveys by answering a few questions, and also by following their terms and conditions; you can easily earn free points.

Just like PayPrizes website after winning enough points, i.e., 1000, you can then redeem them in the exchange of free Google Play Gift Cards and then use them to purchase applications from Google Play Store. It might take 24-48 working hours to process the gift card code, but you will surely get them.

Method 8 – Swagbucks

Swagbucks is another website that allows you to earn free points, and it is also one of the biggest & popular websites. You can use Swagbucks by downloading its application from the play store, or you can use its official website.

Swagbucks reward their members with free points or gift cards for doing simple things such as answering few questions as in surveys, or you can opt watching videos, play few games, or by using yahoo as your default search portal.

Apart from these, there are other options also at Swagbucks rewards store, and you can redeem a minimum of 5000 points in a $50 Google Play gift card, which you can further use to purchase your favourite application on Google Play Store.

Method 9 – FeaturePoints

FeaturePoints is the most straightforward website of all, FeaturePoints lets you earn free points by merely downloading a few free applications and then trying those applications for some time like 1-3 minutes.

You can also earn points by watching videos, and then you can exchange those points for either an online gift card, paid apps, or Google Play Credits.

You can also increase your points bank by referring to the FeaturePoints website or application to your friends and family, and any amount of points they earn, you will get a 50% share of their points also.

Method 10 – InstaGC

You or InstaGC can Instant Gift Cards rewards portal gives you free points for every little step you do, i.e., it InstaGC gives ten bonus points just after signing up on the application.

InstaGC offers you different options that you can use to earn free Google Play Gift Cards, InstaGC gives you points for completing different surveys they ask you to, or by watching different online videos, or you can also shop from their sponsored partners, or you can search the web from their sponsored browsers.

After earning a minimum of 100 free points, you will get $1 as Google Play gift cards. Moreover, they offer you other options also to earn free points such as trying a product sponsored by them or listening to some music, and you will also receive an additional 110 points when you refer InstaGC to each one in your family or friends circle.

Method 11 – AppNana

AppNana is another successful application you can use to get free Google Play gift cards and is a straightforward app & easy to use. On AppNana, you earn points as nanas, i.e., Nana points for completing different tasks on the application, such as downloading other apps or by playing games, etc.

Also, AppNana gives points to its members daily just by logging into your account. Moreover, you can earn as much as points as you can by playing your favourite and easy games, or only by simply downloading any application like Facebook or Instagram.

Just like in any other application, you can redeem the Nana points earned by you in Google Play as well as iTunes gift cards or Amazon, etc. as well.

Method 12 – Tap Cash Rewards

Tap Cash Rewards is another one of the best websites that allow its users to earn free points by completing simple tasks and then can redeem those points for Google Play Gift Cards.

Tap Cash Rewards offers various options that you can opt for to earn free points, options such as downloading website sponsored games or by watching videos. Also, Tap Cash Rewards give bonus points to their users each day for logging in.

Tap Cash Rewards also has a feature of VIP users, which you can earn by linking your Facebook account to Tap Cash rewards Application. If you want to earn more then, let me tell you that Tap Cash Rewards give referral bonus points for each of your friends or family member that sign up on Tap Cash Rewards.

After earning around 1000 points, you will get $1 worth Google Play Credit, which means that you will have to work a little extra to earn more credits. The Tap Cash Rewards is a legit application, and you can use it without any worries.

Method 13 – Free My Apps

Free My Apps, like any other website in this list, offers a number of options and allows its users to earn free points by completing tasks.

As I said, Free My Apps provides the number of options to earn free points; thereby, you can earn bonus points by downloading website sponsored applications and games. Also, you can earn free points by referring the application to your friends and family.

Apart from all these features, the unique feature of Free My Apps is that it lets you earn free points by watching website sponsored YouTube videos. And lastly, if you think that you have made a little extra or you have earned more than needed points then, you can donate your free points to charity as well.

Method 14 – Cubicer

Cubicer, also known as Cubic Rewards, is another excellent application that you can use to earn free points. Like any other application,

Cubicer also allows you to earn free points by completing simple tasks such as watching videos, downloading website sponsored applications and games, and even by referring Cubicer to your friends and family via a social media platform.

You can either redeem your free points to Google Play gift cards, or you can redeem your points in the form of PayPal Balance.

Method 15 – Gift Box (Android App)

Gift Box is one of the best and the highest-ranked application that allows you to earn free points that you can redeem to Google Play Gift Cards later. Gift Box also lets you earn free points by simply downloading the website sponsored application, games, or by watching website sponsored videos.

Apart from these, you can also go for referring and earn an option, i.e., you can earn points by referring the application to your friends and family. Gift Box is a trendy application with around 69,965 reviews and a 4.7-star rating. Gift Box also hosts spin wheel tasks for their users to earn extra points or an even more significant reward potentially.

Method 16 – WHAFF Rewards (Android App)

This one is another one of the best & legit websites, packed with features that are worth looking for. One of the most important things is that you must link your Facebook account with the WHAFF rewards application to proceed further.

After successfully linking your Facebook account, you can begin earning your free points, which can be done by completing a few tasks like downloading website sponsored applications, games.

WHAFF rewards also give extra points to their users for as long as they keep those downloaded applications & games on their mobile phones.

How to Redeem Google Play Codes?

After earning enough free points, you can redeem your balance by following the steps given below:

Step 1 – Log in to your Google Play Account.

Step 2 – Then, in the search bar, type the name of your favourite application that you want to buy and find it.

Step 3 – Next, click on the Buy Button, situated next to the application icon, and then hit continue.

Step 4 – When you reach the payment page, then select the Google Play Gift card balance as your payment method.

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Last Words

So, these were the number of possible safe and legit ways that you can choose to earn free Google Play gift cards. Each of the application or website we discussed in the article are unique in their way and very safe to use.

You can choose any ways from the above-discussed ways and earn as many free points as you can. We hope you find this article helpful. Do not forget to check out free Xbox Live Codes.