How To Make a Hopper in Minecraft

The hopper is an essential part of any fully automated farm in Minecraft. Input can be received from the top, and output can be sent out the bottom. When connected to a storage chest, this device will immediately move any incoming things there.

What You’ll Need to Build a Hopper

Add 5 iron ingots and 1 chest on the crafting table to make a hopper.

Fabricating Iron Ingots and Bars

Get your hands dirty (or at least use a stone pickaxe) and track down some iron ore to mine for the necessary ingredient to make iron ingots. For ease of use, we’ll be employing a stone pickaxe; to fashion one, you’ll need three cobblestones.

How To Make a Hopper in Minecraft

These construction supplies can be found in any environment, and can be uncovered through caving, mountain climbing, or underground excavation.

The second thing you’ll need is two wooden sticks, and you can make four of those by arranging two wooden planks next to each other on your workbench. Make a stone pickaxe by placing these items in this specific order on a crafting table.

The next step is to use a stone pickaxe to mine for iron ore in caves, cliffs, and mountains, where it can be found in the same quantities as in any other type of environment.

In order to turn 8 cobblestones into iron ingots, you must first build a furnace.

In the end, you’ll need fuel, like coal or wood logs, to process the ore into iron ingots. To get the iron ingots, you’ll need to throw the fuel and iron ore into a furnace at a later time.

Stomach Assembly

It takes two logs to make the eight planks needed to construct a chest, as only two can be cut from a single log.

Hopper’s Masterpieces

It was mentioned before that the hopper can be constructed by placing five iron ingots and a chest on a crafting table.

How to Use a Hopper?

Any chest with an attached hopper has its storage capacity increased to five. Below are some examples of farms that may be built using this component.

It’s possible, for instance, to construct a cobblestone farm similar to the one described here. Implement these for a completely mechanised sugarcane farm:

Many different kinds of farms can be built with the use of a hopper.


The hopper is an essential part of any fully automated farm in Minecraft. The top is where you put data in, and the bottom is where you get results. The contents of any chest that is associated with this building block will be delivered to that chest immediately.