How To Make a Sword in Minecraft

Among Minecraft’s many combat settings are options for using ranged weapons like tridents, crossbows, and bows.

Using the axis takes longer but is more effective. Swords are superior because they allow their users to launch multiple assaults in rapid succession. In this piece, you will learn How To Make a Sword in Minecraft.

Minecraft Sword Varieties

The game of Minecraft features six unique swords. One of the game’s most difficult jobs is crafting a sword out of the game’s most basic resources.

How To Make a Sword in Minecraft

Step-by-Step Minecraft Sword Instructions

In Minecraft, a sword cannot be purchased and must be crafted instead. A crafting table allows us to create any type of sword, whereas a smithing table is required to create a Netherite sword.

Wooden swords can be crafted from a variety of woods, including oak, birch, spruce, acacia, jungle, birch, and scarlet planks. Except for the sword of the Nephrite, all swords require a stick as an ingredient. We must now make each sword individually.

1. A Sword Made of Wood

If you want to make a wooden sword, you should probably chop down some trees to gather some oak for planks and a stick. A single oak tree can yield four planks, and those in turn can be used to fashion sticks at a workbench.

Here, we’ll make a wooden sword by putting two planks and a stick on the table.

2. A Sword Made of Stone

Two cobblestones can be used as a sword if desired. Start digging for them, and then put two cobblestones and a stick in your workshop’s making table:
(In the image above, we’ve used two-by-two cobblestones, but that’s not necessary — a sword simply needs a single-by-one block.)

3. A Sword Made of Iron

To craft an iron sword, one must first locate and mine iron blocks, then melt them down in a furnace to produce iron ingots.

The iron sword can be made by placing two ingots of iron and a stick on a crafting table.

4. A Sword of Golden Worth

In order to craft the golden blade, one must first locate and mine the necessary golden blocks, before finally melting them down in the furnace.
You can make a golden sword by combining two gold ingots with a stick on a crafting table.

5. A Sword Made of Diamond

The same technique is used to make the diamond sword. The diamond must be mined and then purified in a furnace; after this is done, two diamonds and a stick can be crafted into a diamond sword.

6. A Sword Made of Netherite

The components needed to make a netherite sword are more extensive than those needed to make a standard sword, and include things like ancient artefacts, netherite scrap, gold ingots, and a diamond blade. You must first go underground and locate the ancient relics:

Put the ancient rubble in the furnace to get at the underworld junk. Then, you’ll need to head to the crafting table with four gold ingots and four netherite scraps in order to create the netherite ingot.

You’ll soon need a smithing table; for instructions on building one, please visit this link. To complete the netherite sword, we must now place a netherite ingot and a diamond sword on the smithing table.


In Minecraft, swords are some of the best tools at your disposal. Minecraft has saved us and made dealing with the large throng much easier. As far as we’re concerned, we’ve done a good job of explaining how to create a sword in Minecraft in this article.

Thanks to this essay, we hope you’ll be able to forge a sword in a constructive manner and advance in Minecraft.